Welcome to Show 79 Ladies Nigh II!! Tonight, myself and fellow 22.3 personalities Sin City Heat Kat (host of SinCityHeatwKat) and LV Promoqueen (host of Vegas on Blast) discuss being a phone snooper, non-monogamy and oceans down low. So mysterious huh? I guess you’ll have to click the LINK BELOW to listen again!

Oceans down low. Is bragging about getting wetter than other chicks a thing? How do you know if you get wetter than the next chick or the last chick? I’m not sure how you would know that unless the guy tells you and why does that matter? It’s in the music, there’s memes with captions about it; I just didn’t know that that’s how you catch a man – by letting him know, your ocean flows better than the next chick or his last chick. I missed that memo

Phone snooping. Personally, I don’t see the point. I will find out sooner or later and let karma handle it. Don’t get me wrong, finding out sooner rather than later is better BUT, looking for whatever it is I am looking for, isn’t going to change the fact that it’s still the situation. It’s still reality. And definitely don’t want to kill the karma. Never kill the karma, intentionally. And what are you going to do once you find whatever you’re looking for? Throw the phone? Text all the females and say don’t call or text my man? Why snoop?!

Non-monogamous sexual relationships. Would you allow your man to be with another woman sexually, if there are certain things you’re not willing to do such as swallow…? Your relationship isn’t serious if you allow your man to be with another woman due to you not wanting to perform sexual acts (I don’t mean he asked if he could and you said yes. I mean he asked you to do something and you declined and then put the opportunity out there for him to be with other women because you just aren’t going to give in). With me, it’s not happening. In a relationship, you make compromises, if there’s something that either person isn’t comfortable with, the result should be a compromise not involving another person.

Look, there are certain things that make our clocks tick but is being a private investigator worth it? Or is it worth more to just walk away and let karma do it’s thing. Is bragging about having a flowing vagina attractive? Or you’re just following the trend? And giving away an important aspect of your relationship (intimacy) to another woman is more logical than just compromising? Maybe instead of swallowing let him cum in your face. I don’t know but let’s stop and think about our actions. Is it worth it? All that time and energy…

Smoke Break (21+ Keep out of reach of children)

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