Welcome to Show 78 Sesh Necessities!! You can have all the herb in the world but if you don’t have papers, a bong or a lighter, vape pen, how you gonna chief?! This is a show on accessory necessities. LINK BELOW to listen again!

My 3 favorite accessories right now:

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pipe by Air and Stone

Crystals are neither positive or negative. They project and absorb energy. Majority of the time, I don’t want to roll up – packing a quick bowl is convenient and still takes me above the clouds to that next level. Lapis Lazuli or Lapis (for short), helps you to go deep within our spirit to awaken our divine purpose. Containing prosperity and abundance properties. Lapis is also associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra, helping to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual – merging the past and the present. Crystal origin: Afghanistan

RAW Hydrostone or humidifying stone

The RAW Hydrostone is literally a stone made from uncoated natural terra cotta clay and is kiln (kill) baked. A kiln is a thermally insulated chamber – basically an oven that produces temperatures sufficient enough to complete processes such as hardening, drying or chemical changes. Turns clay into pottery, tiles and bricks.

The RAW Humidifying Stone is used to keep your herb hydrated or to re-hydrate old/dry herb. The stone is 100% re-usable – soak for 5 min then place it with your cannabis and it will keep it fresh for about 3 months (time frame noted online)

Select CBD Vape Pen

At this time, I was using the Lemon flavor. Using a little more CBD more often vs THC due to being pregnant. Out of all 3 accessories, this one is my top one. Quality cannabis comes at a price especially when it comes to CBD and cartridges in general. The SelectCBD vape pens are disposable. They have about 150 puffs – when used in 6 second intervals, then you just toss the whole thing and buy a new one. Costs $25 at Jardin Dispensary in Las Vegas. Vapes themselves make public consumption a lot easier, most vape pens you can’t tell if it’s tobacco or cannabis and often there’s no smell.

Sesh Accessories are Necessities!

Smoke Break (21+ Keep out of reach of children)

Strain: Jedi OG (Indica Dom. Hybrid)

Descended from SFV OG x Death Star

THC: Avg. 12-14% THC and 1.5-2% CBD

Aroma: Skunky aroma of pine and tobacco with hint of sour tang.

Taste x Feelz: Sweet with skunky after taste. Crazy powerful euphoria – puts you in an introspective state (examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings). The euphoria is then accompanied by a warm numbing sensation throughout your limbs making you completely relaxed. Online reviews state that even though leaves you completely relaxed, doesn’t leave you sedated. With this particular batch of of Jedi OG, I had opposite results. I definitely got the uplifted happiness euphoria but once the numbness and relaxation effects started creeping, I was looking for the bed!

Medicinal: May assist with chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Light one up. Love.


Side To Side – Ariana Grande x Nicki Minaj

Just A Little Bit – 50 Cent

Buttons – Pussycat Dolls x Snoop Dogg

Young, Wild, Free – Wiz Khalifa x Snoop Dogg

Supplier – Kari Faux

Peaches N Cream – Snoop Dogg x Charlie Wilson

Unforgettable – French Montana x Swae Lee

In My Feelings – Drake

Pressed – Tyga x Honey Cocaine

The Switch Up – Nick Grant x Yo Gotti

Big Bank – YG x 2Chainz x Big Sean x Nicki Minaj



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