Welcome to Show 74 When Flowers Bloom! Tonight, I take you on a science journey and break down the cannabis plant as far as terpenes, how to dissect the appearance and touch a bit on how to use this lovely flower as more medicinally.

I myself have only been smoking for about 5 years but only more recently appreciated cannabis for it’s medicinal purposes vs looking at the plant through medicinal eyes. It’s been a learning process.

When it comes to “looking” at cannabis for medicinal purposes, appearance should be rather low on the list compared to if the plant has what you need or not. That’s where terpenes come in.. Terpenes are a large group of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants and by some insects. Terpenes give different strains their different highs, effects and aromas. For example, sedative, or mood boosting, citrus and woody, mint. Terpenes are basically the genetic makeup of cannabis –gives each strain it’s characteristics so to speak. Caryophyllene is a common cannabis terpene that is good for inflammation. You’ll want to look for a high or good caryophyllene content or percentage if you need an anti-inflammatory. I have inflammation from time to time from Lupus, not to the point where it’s debilitating, I try to do a lot of managing with food but when when I do have inflammation I definitely pay attention to the caryophyllene percentage. Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic oils that produce different sensations and effects on the body. Terpenes are important when using or attempting to use cannabis as a form of medicine.

Need a full body relaxer? Myrcene, another common terpene gives you a full body sedation. The high myrcene content is found mostly in Indicas. Have trouble sleeping, myrcene can help with that. Need an anti-oxidant, you’ll want to reach for bud with a high myrcene content as well. Blue Dream, even though it’s a Sativa, has a myrcene content that leaves your body sedated. Myrcene is also found in Mangoes, Thyme and Lemongrass. Oh yea, forgot to mention that terpenes aren’t just restricted to cannabis.

Last but not least (and there’s more than the popular 3 that I listed), Limonene. If you’re stressed or bummed out, check out bud with high limonene content — it’s going to relieve stress and elevate your mood–anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. You’ll want to reach for strains such as Super Lemon Haze or Lemon Skunk.

Moving on to appearance, because looks matter too right? Stems, density, color (more specifically trichomes). No stems please! When you are checking out the appearance of you bud, stems that grow closer together are your dense buds — these are your indicas. Stems further apart or airy are going to be your Sativas. Now, color, more specifically trichomes, is the frost on the bud. The more frost, the stickier the bud, the higher the THC level. As far as the orange purple hairs go, I haven’t found any research on if hair color makes a difference. However, when it comes to hairs, you will almost never find the purple hairs in Sativa buds. You’ll get the orange hairs with your sativas and both colors (orange and purple) when it comes to your indicas and hybrids. Appearance is a preference type of thing. It comes down to whether you like sticky or not-so sticky. For medicinal purposes, remember, it’s about what you need, not how it looks.

Herb type also matters based on how you’re using it – with what device or accessories; bong, joint, vape. For bong usage, you’ll want fluffier buds so that it doesn’t burn so quickly and you don’t use so much when packing a bowl. Blunts or joints, you’ll want dense buds–smoother burn and when you break down or grind up dense buds, you end up with way more than you started with.

So, would you say you’re a little bit more knowledgeable about using cannabis for medicinal purposes? First, what do you need? Ant-inflammatory, anti-depressant, mood booster? Then, how does it look, moist, dry, dense, airy, fluffy, frosty. If you start shopping for cannabis like you would medication, you can maximize that plant’s benefits. Think about it, when you shop for over the counter medication, first it’s what do you need – what are you trying to “fix” or “heal”. Then, you look at brand, if you think about it, its how we shop for everything. What do we want then how does it look or taste or feel, etc.

Find out what your body needs then choose your flower based on that. Stop paining your brain and allow yourself to discover the benefits of Mary Jane – she doesn’t bite! CBD is always an option as well if you want strictly non-psychoactive alternative to cannabis. There’s so much more to cannabis than what’s advertised. Do your research. Know your herb.

Smoke Break (21+ Keep out of reach of children)

Strain: Delirium (Indica Dom. Hybrid)

Descended from Black Domina x Jack Herer

Brand x Dispensary: Canopi – North Las Vegas

2113 N. Las Vegas Blvd North Las Vegas 89030

THC: 11.4% (Nice and strong 11%)

Aroma: Earthy, spicy, woody, hint of lemon.

Taste x Feelz: Sweet pine with woody after taste, still with a hint of lemon. Very relaxing as far as physiologically. So definitely a body high but very much a mood booster as well.

Medicinal: May assist with chronic pain, insomnia, mood swings and muscle spasms. Most present terpenes in Delirium were caryophyllene at 3%, Limonene at 1.3% and humulene at 1.2%. Humulene is anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and an appetite suppressant.  (The lower the THC level, the easier to utilize medicinal benefits of this particular strain from this specific dispensary).

Strain: Night Nurse (Indica)

Descended from BC Hash x Harmony x Fire OG

Brand x Dispensary: Canopi – North Las Vegas

2113 N. Las Vegas Blvd North Las Vegas 89030

THC: 12% (Eh)

Aroma: Floral but still super earthy. Coffee aroma noted online. I didn’t notice a coffee aroma in this batch.

Taste x Feelz: Not too flavorful on the inhale but a little spicy on the exhale, maybe due to the high caryophyllene content. Creepy high for me. Hazy head high that continues throughout the body. Felt most elevated when I used this strain in the morning (wake and bake) and at bedtime (night cap). It’s like a calm down or pre-cursor to the anxiety of the day and a nice night cap when it’s time to shut things down and rest.

Medicinal: May assist with ADHD, ADD, anxiety, arthritis, Bipolar and chronic pain. Top 3 terpenes present in this batch of this strain is caryophyllene at 2.2%, myrcene at 1.6% and humulene at 1%. Anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-bacterial.

Light one up, Love.


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