Welcome to Show 73 Ladies Night!! Tonight myself and fellow 22.3 radio personality LV Promo Queen (host of Vegas on Blast) discuss “single women stereotypes”, relationship pet peeves and monogamy.

There are many “single women stereotypes” – our favorite: “you look good and you have a lot going for yourself, why are you single? You must be crazy.. Why do we have to be crazy? Why can’t it be that we are waiting for someone who matches our fly, to come along? We could be developing our careers and don’t have time for distractions, etc. There are a million reasons as to why we are beautiful, have goals we are accomplishing and single at the same damn time; that doesn’t mean we are crazy.

In life, there are things that really just ugh, tick us off, aka pet peeves. Well even in relationships we have pet peeves, or at least I do. I have two that are absolute deal breakers for me. First, is sucky communication. In a relationship, communication is key. I refuse to wonder about what is going on in my relationship and I’m not a mind reader. Let’s be grown ups and talk about things – everything! Second, cutting me off during conversation. If we are discussing something, and I am speaking, it’s respectful for other person to wait until I have finished my thought. And the same goes for me, if someone is communicating their thoughts to me, it’s respectful for me to let them finish their thought and then I may say what I feel I need to do. It’s a respect thing.

And last but not least, MONOGAMY! Monogamy in the sense of can you get everything you need, mentally, physically and emotionally from one person? When it comes to this, I can’t say yes or no. I haven’t received all 3 in a relationship before but I don’t think I believe it’s impossible. Relationships take a lot of work and if you don’t take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, how can you provide mental, physical or emotional effort to your partner without falling short?

Relationships are amazing, being single is amazing too! Despite what most people (men) think, being single, majority of the time, is a choice. At least it’s a choice for me, I am a lover and I love being in relationships and being in love. However, not all the time are relationships worth it (at that point in time) if it seems like you’re putting in overtime and the other person is only working part time, or if it seems like your partner is holding you back or being more of a distraction than support. Each partner should be putting in equal effort to make the relationship function and grow. Readjustments are always necessary. You’re not perfect and neither is your partner and this partner isn’t your last partner; all your partners are not to be treated the same or like the last. Tailor made up over here! LOL.

Smoke Break (21+ Keep out of reach of children)

Strain: Locomotion (Indica Dom. Hybrid)

Descended from Blue Diesel x Timewreck

Brand x Dispensary: Canopi – North Las Vegas

2113 N. Las Vegas Blvd North Las Vegas 89030

THC: 10.9% (Nice and strong 10%)

Aroma: Sour smell noted online, I personally didn’t notice a specific aroma.

Taste x Feelz: Earthy and a slight hint of sweetness. Relaxed feeling, euphoric.

Medicinal: May assist with stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite and fatigue. (The lower the THC level, the easier to utilize medicinal benefits of this particular strain from this specific dispensary).

Strain: Gorilla Glue #4 (Sativa Dom. Hybrid)

Descended from Sour Dubb x Chem’s Sisterland x Chocolate Diesel

Brand x Dispensary: GG Strains x Ameripro (Riverside, CA)

Ameripro has recently moved – no updated address yet

THC: 26% (average THC 25-28%, have tested as high as 32%) High THC, low CBD which means heavy psychoactive effects (Nice and strong 26%)

Aroma: Diesel with hints of coffee, pine and chocolate. (When we discuss aroma, the bud has the scent. When you put that fire to it, you mostly smell the plant, that earthy smell. Only sometimes will you get a hint of the other aromas.

Taste x Feelz: No specific taste that I noticed. Long lasting effects, doesn’t take many puffs before you feel a head change. Definitely his you with the dry mouth so keep something around or close by to wet your whistle. Happy and relaxed is more of the feelings I got vs euphoria and creating which were the top feelings noted online.

Medicinal: May assist in reducing stress, relieving pain, depression and insomnia.


Light one up, Love.


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