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Welcome to Show 56 – Power Laws! This show was inspired by another Robert Greene book; 48 Laws of Power. Greene’s Laws of Power are interesting. Some suited me and some didn’t.

Power Laws mentioned:

Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends. Learn how to use enemies. (Be wary of friends – they will betray you more quickly. A former enemy is more loyal – they have more to prove. You have more to fear from friends.)

  • It does make sense. Especially long time friends. That’s a lot of energy invested in each other, they know things that other people may not know. There is a lot at stake when it comes to your friends. With all of that being said, I have an inner circle of about 4 maybe 5 people that I trust with anything and everything, including my life. I just don’t see them betraying me, not even if they had the chance. So I am not sure if I completely agree with this power law.

Law 5: Reputation – guard it with your life. (Through reputation alone, you can intimidate and win. Make your reputation unassailable (bullet proof). Always be alert.)

  • This power law I completely agree with. EVERYONE has something to say about SOMEONE. Someone could never even had a conversation with you but they are spreading non-factual information about you to other people. We have to build our reputation by building character. How do you build character? By our actions. Many people talk more than they actually do anything (action). Actions show everything.

Law 9: Win through your actions, never through argument. (Momentary triumph via argument is Pyrrhic (not worth it). The resentment and ill will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer. Much more powerful to get others to agree through action. Demonstrate don’t explicate (explain, clarify, spell out).

  • This power law I also agree with and working on mastering. Arguing with someone over an opinion or someone not treating you accordingly is a waste of energy and causes chaos. Just like getting someone to do what you want them too never works. Don’t argue, don’t explain just show. Besides, which takes more “time”, trying to get someone to see your side or showing them how you get down through your actions? It’s quicker for you to change than to get someone else to change.

Law 10: Infection. Avoid the unhappy and unlucky. (You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but really precipitating your own disaster.)

  • This power law definitely has me doing some reflecting of all the times that no one would help someone else in need and I stepped up to the plate without questioning anything. Just genuinely wanting to help However, many of those times I should have asked questions – whether to myself or the other person. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves – they can draw it on you too. Associate with the happy and fortunate. Always know what you are getting yourself into. What are you about to put yourself through. Mental stress is still stress and it’s an unconscious stress. We think we aren’t stressing just because a situation is not at the forefront of our mind or we aren’t complaining about it out loud, doesn’t mean we aren’t stressed about it. Everything that we do should serve us (benefit) in some way; even if it’s just a good feeling. Feeling good is still a benefit.

Law 12: Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm “victim”.

  • I felt stumped at this power law. We’ve all bent the truth at some point in time and still do sometimes but if you start out picking and choosing who you lie to, eventually don’t you just start lying to everyone? My bad, not lying but being “selectively honest” to some people (those you want power over) vs. maybe someone else you know you can’t fool. At some point things will unfold you will be “discovered”. Why not just tell the truth. Your actions should disarm the victim not whether you are honest or not. When you are honest, no one can be mad at you for anything. Well, they could, but then they would just be mad at you for not agreeing with them or them not getting their way but that’s better than someone being upset because you decided to be selectively honest. Feel me?

Law 35: Master the art of timing. (Never seem to be in a hurry. Hurrying displays a lack of control over yourself and over time (what is time though). Always seem patient as if you know everything will come to you eventually.)

  • I have been working on this power law. I read about rushing a couple months ago and it mentioned the same as Greene. When you rush, you are all over the place and more forgetful, unfocused and no disciplined. Just breathe and know that everything on your list does not have to get done in one day. Don’t rush things either (I tell myself this all the time when it comes to sponsors and other opportunities). The creator/universe will present you with what you need and want when it’s your time. We want everything on demand but if we didn’t have to work for anything and everything came to us quickly, what’s next? That’s what we’d be asking. Trying to move on to something else. Master your craft first. You’re not a master in a day. Not even in a month.

Law 40: What is offered for free is dangerous. (Free usually involves a trick or hidden obligation. What has worth is worth paying for. By paying your way, you stay clear of gratitude, guilt and deceit. It is also wise to pay full price – no cutting corners. Be lavish with your money and you keep it generating.)

I am working on this power law as well.

  • You spend money on what you want to spend money on. Just like you spend time and energy on what you want to spend it on. We place value on the things that we want or need – not the price tag that is displayed on it. If I think buying new shoes is more important than getting a logo made for Tuned In – I have just placed more value on those shoes than on my radio show (my dream). Pay for what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to spend the money. Generosity is a sign of power and a power magnet.
Law 48: Assume formlessness. Don’t take form – stay adaptable and on the move. Accept that nothing is certain. (Be as fluid and as formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes.)
  • I definitely resonate with this power law. My bio on Instagram actually says “flowing like water”. Everything changes even if we don’t want it to. What can we do about it except move on! Being mad or upset will change nothing but our energy level (bring it down). If we accept that nothing stays the same. We won’t attach ourselves to things and or people that may or not be here tomorrow whether physically or just in our lives in general. Remember, we should always be re-evaluating things in our lives, that includes the things we do and the people we surround ourselves with. Everything and everyone we are involved in will not serve (benefit) us forever. We must grow. When we grow we eliminate what is useless or at least we should.


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