Tonight’s show is titled Back to Basics. Tonight eye went back to basics…why eye really started Tuned In. Eye created Tuned In with the hopes of spreading knowledge. Of course eye had just started on my awake tip (the real awake) and was still wrapping meye head around everything eye was discovering but eye still felt the need to share that information even if eye only knew one thing about it. Tuned In is about spreading information, using meye platform to assist in awakening the masses, feeding real information. Even if they choose to believe or not believe, the seed was still planted…Eye’ve done my job. So… tonight eye talked about


Click the above link to learn the bare minimum of what it’s about. Then, go to CERN on RoyalHeir

to really know what’s going down with CERN.  Listen again below:


Redbone – Childish Gambino

Yeah – Subco

All I Need – Method Man

The Worst – Jhene Aiko

Wavy – SZA

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