AIRED MARCH 22, 2017

Tonight’s Show is titled: SOMEWHERE OUT THERE


Sumerians, Babylonians and Ethiopians were the Afro-Asian culture that went to Europe. They studied Astrology, formulated Astrology Principles and divided the years into months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. They also developed the decimal system.

Spacetime & Time Travel

To overstand the use of force of spacetime in relation to time travel, we must overstand: 1. Matter ultimately dissolves into octaves and frequencies of light. 2. Light dissolves into octaves and frequencies of consciousness. 3. Individual Consciousness dissolves into octaves and frequencies of “perception of reality”.

Therefore, Matter, Light, Consciousness and Reality are all interdependent cosmic eco-systems. As eco-systems, if you change one element, you effect the whole. Isolating any of the elements contained within the Light Encoded Reality Matrix or LERM and changing it, changes reality. This is the fundamental concept of Blank State Technology (<<Research)


Global warming is not real! Chemtrails are effecting the weather. Chemtrails are the geoengineering of artificial clouds. These man-made clouds are making earth hotter. Chemtrails are the “cloud” lines you seeing coming from some planes and jets. Eventually those lines spread out to 4000km which is over 2400 miles long. Chemtrails are made up of metals and nano technology. These metals block out the sun which is the Earth’s energy source and melanated people’s energy source. Chemtrails have up to 20 hours of life


Payback- James Brown

Fly Like a Bird- Nelly Furtado

Holding Back the Years- Simply Red

Smile- Tupac

Watching You- Slave

Joy and Pain- Rob Base

24K- Bruno Mars

Born and Raised in Compton- Dj Quik

Never As Good As the First Time- Sade

Rock the Boat- Aaliyah

Blow Your Mind- Eve

Dear Mama- Tupac

Money Trees- Kendrick Lamar

Fantastic Voyage- Lakeside

Summer Breeze- Dj Quik

Also featured… Safe and Sound by Dj Quik

Bite Mark by Royale Blue

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