In an industry that doesn’t challenge men’s artistic ability in the same way it does a woman’s, women have to work harder to prove that it’s really about the music.

Ever since re-entering the music industry in 2011, she has continuously proved that she’s here to stay—she’s proved that she doesn’t have to shake her ass to be relevant; with her it’s really about the music. Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo was born March 16, 1988, raised in Ladera Heights, California.

Aiko’s music career commenced when she contributed vocals and appeared in several music videos for B2K. She landed her first record deal at the age of 12. “I was signed as a solo artist, and I really was just recording whatever they were giving to me. At the time I was just a kid and it was all fun to me.” –Jhene Aiko (Npr.org)


Now understanding the importance of expressing herself through music, Jhene Aiko has given us Sailing Souls, Sail Out and Souled Out; allowing old fans and new fans to get to know her and grow with her. She may be your favorite rapper’s favorite hook singer but her sultry flow like water vocals can unquestionably stand on their own. We all go through things and Aiko’s lyrics embrace the fact that she goes through pain and heartache just like everyone else and she’s not afraid to talk about it.

When Jhene emerged back into the music scene she made sure it was on her own terms—independent; but then she met No I.D. “He wasn’t a labelhead. He’s an artist. He’s a creative person and producer. He trusts that I know my vision.” –Jhene Aiko (Complex.com) In 2012, Aiko signed to No I.D.’s Artium Records imprint through Def Jam. In 2013, ‘Beware’ Big Sean featuring Jhene and Lil Wayne, became Jhene’s first song on the Billboard Hot 100.

Aiko continues to push the imposed limits of creativity, exploring classic R&B, Psychedelic music, Hip Hop, among other genres. She’s a part of a new generation R&B accompanied by Miguel, Frank Ocean, Drake and others. Lyrics she writes melodies she creates; Jhene Aiko is future R&B.

“Tupac is a big inspiration for me to just stick to who I am and to actually stand for something through music.” –Jhene Aiko


Jhene’s other influences include John Mayer, Aaliyah, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi.

Being a mother is more than just giving birth and buying necessities.


Namiko Love Browner, Jhene’s daughter was born November 8, 2008. Understanding the power of words, Aiko was careful when selecting her daughter’s name. “My schedule can get crazy but I have a very supportive family. My older sister really keeps everything together. When I am out of town, she, or my mom, or my daughter’s father will care for her. When in town, I take my daughter to school every day, and if I am working at night, I try to get back to put her to bed. I think if I work really hard now, I can slow down in a few years and even bring her to my shows.” –Jhene Aiko (Black Celeb Kids.com)

Jhene has always been considered an open book and free spirit. As a child Aiko was also exposed to many religions due to different family members practicing different things. However, she grew up with the choice to believe in what she felt, never forced into one belief system or another. “I’ve always felt connected to a higher power as a child and as an adult I find that there is a connection between and throughout all religions.” –Jhene Aiko (Tumblr.com)

Jhene is a Grammy nominated artist. Jhene is R&B. Jhene is Hip Hop, Jhene is Music. Jhene is West Coast. Jhene is Peace. Jhene is Love. Jhene is Light. Jhene is Timeless in Ladera Heights.


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