Tink Post
You can’t say that you haven’t heard of her. She’s the best thing that has hit the music game including the female music game; we all know there is a difference!
Tink (Trinity Home) hails from Chicago. Chicago is getting real live, up and coming artist hitting the music game/R&B game hard, Julian Keyz is from Chicago as well! Anyways, Tink, Tink, Tink, I have so much to say but I am at a loss for words as well. Saying that she’s “the shit” is such a mediocre phrase, but I really don’t know how to explain how out of this world her artistry is. I don’t know her as a person so of course I can’t speak on her character but her music is intelligent, if that makes sense. 
Born in 1995 (there are too many different months and days on the internet and I don’t want to get anything wrong about Tink, maybe one day I’ll be able to ask her myself what month and day she was born, LOL),  Tink started singing in a church choir at a young age, pause… I know what you’re thinking, another church to mainstream artist but I promise Tink is different. And YES, I just made a promise but I can keep it and if after reading this article/bio/press release and listening to her music, you don’t agree that her music is intelligent and out of this world then something is wrong with your ears and your brain for that matter, I’m just saying. “If you’re not thinking Tink then I’m gonna say you’re not thinking.” Charlamagne Tha God said it! In all honesty he’s right!
Back to Tink; Ms. Home was nicknamed Tink in elementary school and she’s been rocking with that name ever since. Beginning to write her own songs before becoming a teenager, it was only natural that she started laying rap tracks in the following years, in her father’s (music producer/engineer) basement studio. At 16, her and her brother posted a video on Facebook of Tink freestyling over the beat of “Grindin'” by the Clipse and she’s been buzzing ever since. Tink released her first mixtape Winter’s Diary in 2012 when she was still in high school. The mixtape is primarily R&B, opposed to her second mixtape Alter Ego (2012) which showcases her rapping ability. The two music genres were later combined and presented on her third mixtape Blunts & Ballads also released in 2012. I think I just counted three mixtapes in 1 year, respect her grind, please and thank you! In 2013, Tink released her 4th mixtape Boss Up and was a guest feature on Future Brown‘s debut single “Wanna Party”. Tink’s next and 5th mixtape titled Winter’s Diary: Forever Yours was named the eighth-best R&B album (she’s in the top 10, without a record deal though, where’s your respect?) of 2014 by Rolling Stone and the ninth-best R&B album of 2014 by Billboard (STILL top 10, though). 
Also in 2014, Tink performed with Sleigh Bells at South by Southwest (SXSW 2014) and later the two released a joint single “That Did It”.  In October, Tink made the very smart decision to sign with Timbaland‘s (a music God) Mosely Music Group, an imprint of Epic Records. Maybe Mosely Music Group was the one that made the smart decision to reach out to Tink, either way, it’s a win-win for both parties. Her debut studio album is scheduled to be released sometime this year (2015). Her new single “Ratchet Commandments” is out now, including the video. 
And I can’t forget to let ya’ll know that Tink will be making her acting debut on FOX’s hit drama television series Empire. How much more on fire can she get?!

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