Lauryn Hill: Nina Simone ‘I’ve Got Life’ Cover

Lauryn Hill Cover Post 2

Ever dreamed of the day Lauryn Hill would return to the music scene? Well, she has, kind of, with a cover of ‘I’ve Got Life’ by Nina Simone.

If you’ve heard ‘Feeling Good’, another Nina Simone cover by Lauryn Hill then you know just how good Hill covers songs from the late Simone. The ‘I’ve Got Life’ cover is from the album Nina Revisited…A Tribute to Nina Simone which is a soundtrack to the up coming original Netflix film, What Happened, Miss Simone? Causing us to reminisce when L-Hill was heavy in the music game, with the Fugees and solo, on the cover of ‘I’ve Got Life’, she spits tongue-twisting rhymes about the black struggle, with a stirring piano, rollicking drums and bass guitars forming the beat.

Lauryn Hill dropping jewels:

Invisible ink in the constitution / Meant to preserve the institution, unequal distribution / Of wealth, goods and services / Revolvin’ door, no floor, just anxiety and nervousness / Trapped in circuses / Herds of us, not understandin’ our purposes

Flowin’ right? Hopefully, this will spark some inspiration and lead Ms. Hill back into the studio. Who doesn’t want another full-length Lauryn Hill album right?

Nina Revisited…A Tribute to Nina Simone features 7 Nina Simone covers performed by Hill herself, Usher, Jazmine Sullivan, Alice Smith, Common & LaLah Hathaway, Mary J. Blige, Lisa Simone, Gregory Porter and Grace. It hits stores July 11. What Happened, Miss Simone? premiered on Netflix June 26th.

‘I’ve Got Life’ (cover) Snippet- Lauryn Hill



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