A Helping Hand From Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Seal

Sure celebrities help each other out all the time, all the time, it just may not be made public.

It’s publicly known that Taylor Swift helps other celebs out all the time. She has a long history of putting her support behind artists which often leads to big-time success. In January T-Swift tweeted her approval for a then, little-known artist, Borns; Swift fans responded by flooding Borns’ SoundCloud, iTunes, Twitter and Spotify, accessing his music in any way possible. He shot up Billboard charts shortly after. Its evident that T-Swizzle has an insanely valuable “seal of approval” and it’s not the first time the singer/songwriter has “signed off” on a not-yet mainstream artist, sending them soaring from Z to A list. Below are 4 artists who have received a helping hand from Tay-Swift, including Borns.

Ncki Minaj

Two months after Nicki Minaj dropped her 2010 album Pink Friday, Taylor Swift stopped by a Nashville radio station to perform her rendition on the then-unknown bonus track “Super Bass”. Within weeks pop radio took notice and the track worked it’s way cross-country.

 Sam Smith

Yes, Disclosure jump started Sam Smith‘s career when they featured him on their best single to date “Latch” however, fans on this side of the Atlantic Ocean started taking notice after Tay Swift invited Smith onstage February 2014 for a duet of his first single on In the Lonely Hour, “Money On My Mind”. It was early in his career but she then took the “Stay With Me singer” under her wing throughout the year.

Ed Sheeran 2

In 2012, Taylor Swift launched 2013’s Red arena tour and announced that Ed Sheeran would be a special guest each night. Now, at that point, the ginger-haired singer had already seen radio play of his “A-Team” but had yet to fully launch his career in the U.S. His opening act slot on the Red arena tour revved things up for Sheeran. He quickly went from a humble guitar player to heartthrob and teen idol. That fall, Ed Sheeran sold out shows of his own at Madison Square Garden.

Fire off in the comments and let us know which artists you found out about through Taylor Swift!


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