Women Grow Recap


Tuesday March 1, 2016, All Access Blog attended the Women Grow Signature Networking Event at The Abbey in Hollywood, California.

To a full house of aspiring and current professionals in the cannabis industry, Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber of The Werc Shop, spoke about the chemistry of cannabis. Explaining the Endocannabinoid System, accuracy of THC levels and how each strain of cannabis offers different benefits, All Access Blog learned a lot.

The evening began with a Q&A on why some of us were there and our goals for getting into the cannabis industry followed by Dr. Jeffrey Raber giving us a deeper understanding of cannabis and how not every strain of Indica or every strain of Sativa offers the same benefits to every patient. Q&A was opened up again immediately following Raber’s presentation, which opened the floor for questions for the Dr. directly.

The event ended with networking as each of us walked around introducing ourselves and exchanging business cards. We were fortunate to have met Lisa Sweeney, the LA Chapter Chair and Women Grow Attorney, Autumn Rose Karcey, the President of Cultivo, INC, Kelsey Barney, Manager and head of Marketing for Rose Collective and many other industry professionals and aspiring industry professionals alike.

This year, All Access Blog will be working towards becoming more influential in the Cannabis Industry and attending Women Grow’s Signature Networking event was a great start!

For more information on Women Grow and to become a member, please visit WomenGrow.com


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***Recap video coming soon!