Rose Collective: The Medical Marijuana Collective Experience

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Friday March 18, 2016, All Access Blog made a visit to Rose Collective; a medical marijuana co-op in Venice, CA.


As you step inside, you can immediately feel the good energy, it fills up the entire space. The first thing that is noticeable is that it’s completely open; you can see all the way to the goodies! Majority of the collectives that we (All Access Blog) have been to are closed off or there’s two or three doors that we have to walk through to get to the good stuff. Rose Collective is completely opposite. What is there to hide anyways right?

Environmentally friendly is Rose Collective—there’s no paperwork! They scan your ID along with your valid recommendation straight to their computer then you electronically sign. Ever been to a collective and had to fill out 3 pages or more?

After your speedy check-in, as you head to the “back” you’ll meet Peter, Rose Collective’s personal Pre-Roller. Fancy. Patients are given all the time they need with a staff member to make sure patients go home with what is really going to help them, which is the purpose of medical marijuana co-ops. Rose Collective’s staff is extremely informative. You can actually let them know what is going on with you physically and mentally and they can tell you which of their strains will best suit your needs; keeping in mind that everyone reacts differently. At RC it’s about what works not just shoving a product at you. No “too loud” music either! Majority of the other collectives we have been to, the music has been loud to the point where it seems like you and the budtender are almost yelling back and forth.  RC had music playing but it wasn’t blaring.


With RC being an open space, not having paperwork, a friendly pre-roller, all the time you need with your knowledgeable budtender and no loud ass music really gives for an inviting, non-intimidating atmosphere.  Be honest, how many shops have you been to where you have to go through like three doors to get to the meds, you have to fill out more than one page of paperwork, the pre-rolls are shake (RC’s pre-rolls are actual buds broken down, weighed out to 1 gram and hand rolled by Peter…boom!), the budtender rushes you and the music is too damn loud? Wouldn’t you much rather go to the first one mentioned?

Next, Kelsey, our tour guide and RC’s Social Media Manager showed us their carefully selected products.



Rose Collective’s flowers (MMJ) are donated to them by their patients; this is the reason for their affordable donation amounts. High Quality + Affordable Prices = Donations = Returning Patients + New Patients = Winning! Working with people that they already have a relationship with (their patients) is easier and makes sure the cannabis they are receiving is safe and tested. RC also does cross testing to make sure they actually get what they are paying for.

Dutch Treat

We got up close and personal with Rose Collective’s famous Sativa, Dutch Treat which gives more of a head high rather than a body high –works well for headaches, migraines, even eye pain.  We also checked out Kosher Kush whose seeds are the first to be blessed by a Rabbi…the first strain ever. Other flowers we were introduced to: Alien Fire, Fruity Pebbles (actually has a bit of a fruity smell) and Super Lemon Haze—they have more of course. When weighing, nuggs are handled with chopsticks. Think about it, do you know how many hands have touched your buds? They want your medicine to have as less human contact as possible. All flowers are also tested for mold and pesticides before it even reaches RC. You can also add edibles, topicals, shatter, vape pens and smoking accessories to their product list. It may sound like there’s an overwhelming variety of treats to choose from but it’s not. Everything is carefully chosen and suggestions of what to carry are taken from their patients.

CBD Oil Cannatonic SyringeMore Products

At Rose Collective you aren’t going to see the typical containers that you would see at most dispensaries and their labeling is like none other. At most dispensaries, the labeling has the strain, how many grams and that the dispensary is in compliance with prop 215—minimal information. RC’s labeling is on another level. RC’s label has the strain, whether it’s an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, how many grams is inside, the THC and CBD levels, the lab test date and RC’s address and phone number. When you go to a co-op, do you know how much THC or even CBD is in the strain you choose? Or any strain for that matter. At Rose Collective you’ll also receive a receipt stating what you bought as well as how much of your money goes towards the collective’s state tax, county tax and city tax. Imagine if everywhere you “shopped” gave you a receipt with a breakdown of what your money is actually paying for because it’s definitely not just on the product.


At Rose Collective, patient care and satisfaction is what is most important. Rather than just reviews on Weedmaps, RC collects feedback from their patients in more ways than one—patient call back lists are one that was mentioned when talking to Kelsey. Their patient call back list is a list where patients can write down what they’re looking for and RC will try to track it down and call when it is available. Also mentioned, which is still in the developmental stages, is product sampling where patients, on a specified day, can come in sample products and take a short survey which will help RC stay current on what patients want and need. Rose Collective strives for an open dialogue with patients so that they can feel comfortable from the time they enter until the time they leave. The manager Kevin, also known as the “everything man”, even offers his personal cell number to patients so that they are able to call him in case of an emergency or after hours questions. RC continues to show that patients are priority. Ever seen the “tip jars” or “good karma” jars at a collective? Who are those tips going to? The budtender that was high as a kite while helping you? At Rose Collective those jars are compassion jars. If someone comes in and they’re a little short on their donation, those “tips” are used to help out to help cover donation costs if necessary. RC does their best to cater to everyone on the economic scale. They understand that not everyone has the same amount of funds but that shouldn’t mean that you have to go without.

The staff at Rose Collective meet people of all walks of life and they make it their goal to adjust and help everyone accordingly to the best of their ability. Not everyone will have the same experience but everyone will be able to say the atmosphere is inviting, the products are of great quality and they understand the definition of customer service and what it means to really serve the customer and not just make a sale. As mentioned before, quality meds that help, outweighs money at RC.

Whether you use medical marijuana for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, visiting Rose Collective is necessary in order to experience a real collective and how you should be treated as a patient.

Labeling            Vape Pen Battery Tester


-In order to be a fully legal collective, you have to have been licensed before 2007

-Rose Collective helped and continues to help a stage 4 cancer survivor stay alive

-Pink, Purple or Orange on an MJ plant is natural

-72 degrees is the temperature MJ should kept at

-High CBD levels are what matters when it comes to pain management, inflammation, etc

-RC will be advertising with the Venice Herald soon

-RC will consider a delivery service once MMJ goes recreational

-RC accepts multiple forms of payment, not just cash!!

-RC follows “normal” HR guidelines when hiring and firing

-Anyone 18 and up with a valid ID can enter RC (ex. If you just want to buy a liter or rolling papers), however, no sale of MMJ unless patient has valid recommendation

As with many things surrounding medical marijuana, there is still quite of few gray areas when it comes to what’s legal and what’s not legal. Rose Collective tries their best to be in strict compliance of what the state, county and city expects of them as a legal business.

The next time you’re at the beach, stop by Rose Collective and experience everything we did.

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