Puff Pass and Paint Las Vegas

Although recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada, it’s still hard finding somewhere to openly smoke and have a good time at the same time. Cannabis Tours offers PUFF, PASS and PAINT.

We’ve all done art before at one time or another, Puff Pass Paint allows you to openly smoke, dab or eat edibles while creating art. Paint brushes, a canvas and paint is all provided. Just bring your own cannabis willing to share. If you don’t Puff, dab or eat edibles, wine is provided, yep they have non cannabis consumers covered too 🙂

Munchies, munchies, munchies, PPP doesn’t leave our stomachs hangin’ either! Snacks are provided for when the munchies start creepin’, you can bring your own as well.

Mikey is awesome!! He’s the “high” art instructor. And… who doesn’t love take-home goodies? Occasionally, free goodies are given to take home.

Get lifted and see where your imagination leads yours paint brush..

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