420 Lipstick Post


All 420 ladies are a Mary Jane in their own right but there’s nothing more annoying than hitting the blunt while wearing your favorite lipstick and it comes off , it’s on the blunt, joint, bong or you need a touch up; or worse, it comes off on someone else’s lips after they “hit it” after you.

Juliann Thrax of Hightimes.com was generous enough to do a test for all of us stoner babes– 7 lipsticks that can survive a blunt session, in order from worst to best:

7. NYX (came off of lips and came off on blunt)

6. Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss (came off on bong but stayed on lips)

5. MAC (needed a lip touch up, came off on joint)

4. Melt Cosmetics (remained on lips, came off on joint and the next person’s lips)

3. Revlon (stayed on lips)

2. Benefit Cosmetics (stayed on lips, a hint came off on blunt)

1. Lime Crime (remained perfect on lips)

Now we all know which lipsticks to wear and not to wear when we’re headed to a blunt session. Comment any other brands that can survive!