Houston Heartache: An Interview with Tre Buggs

Tre Buggs


18 year old Houston native, Tre Buggs, kept it all the way real during our interview as we discussed him giving up his dream of being in the NFL, why being real is more important than being successful, relationship standards and the true story behind his new single, “I’m On To You”.  Check out the full interview below!


What are your music industry goals?

I have 3 main goals for myself right now. First make sure that making music is what is most important at all times, second headline my own tour by 21, and lastly sell out Madison square garden.

The story behind “I’m on to You”, is it a true story? If so, talk about it. 

Yes, “I’m On To You” is a true story. It’s about one of my exes and I. We dated on and off for a long time and now she has a new boyfriend and I can’t lie it low key got me in my feelings because I realized that I actually lost her. We really don’t talk too much anymore and the day before I wrote the song I found out that she came back to Houston from college and she didn’t even call me or anything, so that’s how I got the song. 

When did you know you wanted to create music?

I knew I loved music since I was about 6 but I knew I really wanted to pursue music at the age of 10. I’ll never forget the first song I ever wrote was for my mom called “Momma You A Shooting Star”.

Which lyricist(s) and or artist(s) challenge/inspire you to continue working on your craft (your music)?

Usher is definitely one of my biggest inspirations as well as Pharrell. They both inspire me for totally different reasons. Usher inspires me from the performance and singing aspect. He’s such a great performer and dancer and is still able to deliver near perfect vocals throughout a 90 minute set. I just find that extremely awesome. Pharrell on the other side inspires me more on the side of what I want to be in the industry. I want to be an artist, producer, and writer. Pharrell is honestly one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen in my life. His music knowledge and creativity is second to none. 

When did you start to feel confident in your music?

The turning point for me was in 7th grade. I was walking back from lunch singing to myself when this girl came up to me and said “Tre I just want to let you know there’s a one in a million chance that you’ll make it in music and you’re definitely not that one” most people would think that was a bad thing but for me it drives me more than anything else. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I work so hard because I promised myself nobody would ever say that to me again. 

Tre Buggs 2

What’s more important, being real or being successful? Why?

Definitely being real is more important to me because people can only be truly successful when they are real. Fake artists are always exposed at some point in time. 

Favorite artist(s) out right now? I would have to say Partynextdoor.

How did you first start to promote your music? What worked, what didn’t work?

I first started promoting my music by making a theme song for a coffee company when I was 13 and the company loved it so it kind of blew up within the company. Then I started doing shows at local parties and then I got discovered by my current manager and he helped me get on tour with Keyshia Cole.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m an athlete so I love hooping, working out, shopping, and partying.

In regards to cutting people off, when do you know it’s time?

Honestly I don’t really associate with a lot of people. “I stay down with the ones I came up with” lol that’s a quote from one of my songs and with that being said it’s easy for me to cut people off and keep I pushing, but of course there a certain special situations like the one that inspired “I’m On To You” that’s makes it a little harder for me to let go. 

The most challenging thing you’ve been through? How was it challenging? 

I think the most challenging thing I’ve had to do was give up football so I had more time for my music because I had been playing football my whole life as well and it used to be my dream to play in the NFL.

Opinion on what relationship standards should be. Any personal relationship standards?

When it comes to relationships I am a person that likes to grind hard so that my girl doesn’t have to worry about anything financially but I love a girl that is independent and still wants to do her own thing. Loyalty, trust and communication are the most important values to me though. I think that without those 3 it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship.

Anyone you want to give a shoutout to that’s been rockin’ with you since day 1?

Shoutout to my mom and pops, my boys for life Brad and Courtland, and last but not least to all my fans.