Tall Tales Of Style: An Interview with Ashley Norment

*Transferred Interview

Ever seen an outfit on a celebrity and wish that you could have that same outfit? Well, technically you can, IF you want to pay the celebrity price; but the average person can’t afford it! What if I told you that there IS a way to get that celeb outfit without the celeb price? Getting excited yet? Keep reading and meet Ashley Norment. Owner and founder of the fashion blog ‘Tall Tales of Style’. She can help you get that high-end shirt, jacket, shoes, bag, whatever it is, WITHOUT the high-end price.

AMANDA JONES: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started blogging?

ASHLEY NORMENT: I’m a 26 year-old wife, mother, blogger, and business owner from Detroit, MI. I started blogging earlier this year after my mom passed away in October 2013. She has always believed in my craft and pushed me on when I didn’t believe in myself. So I walked out on faith, stopped working and put everything into my passion for fashion.

 AJ: How did you decide what you were going to blog about and come up with the name?

AN: Well, fashion has always been my first love. I didn’t want my blog to be like everyone else’s fashion blog. It seems like a lot of fashion bloggers blog about celebrity fashion and that’s fine. But who can afford those high-end prices? Not I… So I blog about how my audience can look celebrity chic for cheap. Tall Tales of Style came to me in a dream actually. I’m 6 feet tall and when I style clients, I paint them a story. I put their mind in a different place to get the total look of the outfit. When your mind is there, you have no choice but to feel confident in what you’re wearing. So there you have me telling tall tales of style.

 AJ: What exactly can readers expect from ‘Tall Tales of Style’?

AN: Readers can expect to see my personal style as well look celebrity chic for cheap. Meaning, I find high-end designer items and search for the look-a-likes without the high-end price.

 AJ: How did you choose which site would host your blog?

AN: I’ve always heard WordPress was a great platform. Plus, I wanted my blog to look more like a website instead of having a “bloggy” look. I like the versatility of WordPress.

 AJ: How much research do you do before a post, for a post?

AN: A lot of the things I post are about what others want to know. People find designer items and are like, “I looove this but it’s too steep. Can you help me?” and I get right on the job. It usually takes me about a day of full research, then I post the next morning. One thing about me is that I’m fast. I don’t like taking lots of time to look good, when you know what you’re doing, it’s supposed to look effortless.

 AJ: I saw your ‘Flash Forward: Fall 2014’ post, which was amazing by the way, how long did it take you to put that together and to really be able to title it ‘Flash Forward’?

AN: Thank you!! I like to prepare my readers on what’s to come. In fashion you always have to think ahead. I don’t look for trends in the current season. I’m always researching on what’s hot in the future and how to incorporate it in my current wardrobe. So when that “it” thing comes out the following season I’ve already done it and I’m looking at a different season LOL. I hate looking like everyone else, grrrr. 

 AJ: Are there any other blogs you visit for inspiration or just like to visit? Which ones?

AN: I visit Browngirlbloggers.com a lot because I fell in love with their concept of showcasing African American bloggers. I get so excited reading about other African American females spreading the word, no matter what the topic is. It’s so refreshing!

 AJ: Do you get your own fashion inspiration from the same sources of inspiration for you blog?

AN: I get my fashion inspiration from my visions. I’ll envision something and put it together and think that’ll make a great post LOL. Sometimes it sort of just happens. I’m always thinking about other people, so I find ways to be cost effective. Then that turns into a beauty post of some sort. For example, I have a million of drug store lip sticks; Many of which look like name brands, like MAC. One day I said hmmm, I have all these lipsticks maybe I can make 2 shades from one lipstick. 1. That’ll keep me from buying another shade like it and 2. I saved some mullah LOL. Come to find out using concealer on your favorite lipstick creates such an awesome pigment. Many people were like, “yaaaasssss.” My mission was definitely accomplished LOL.

 AJ: Has blogging opened any doors for you such as an editorial position or a position in the fashion industry?

AN: I picked up more clientele and I’m also working on a few fashion shows in the upcoming months. It’s amazing how many people pay you attention when you think no one is noticing you at all.

 AJ: What are some different things that you have done, that you think, or feel, has made your blog successful?

AN: I think that I’m different. I’m different when it comes to my styling, my posts, and the fact that I’m always looking out for others. Of course I love some celebrity style, but because I and others can’t afford that stuff at the moment, I need to help someone get this same look without breaking the bank. And it works!

 AJ: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a fashion blog?

AN: Yes, BE YOURSELF!! Do what sets you apart from everyone else. Don’t get discouraged because you feel like you don’t have enough followers or people talking about your blog. It’s not about the quantity but the QUALITY! I wrote a post about Rebecca Vallance for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014- her collection is the bomb by the way- And when I posted the snippet of the post onto Instagram I got only a few likes. But guess who liked my post? Rebecca Vallance did! That made my whole day it was the extra push I needed. You just never know who’s watching you! 

Everyone starts their blog for reasons that are different from the next blogger. Interviewing Ashley was really fun. Check out her blog at talltalesofstyle.com and check her out on Instagram @talltalesofstyle


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