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After watching the latest episode of MTV’s True Life “I’m Starting A Religion”, it got us thinking… even though we’re pretty open-minded individuals, in all honesty, the first question was “Seriously?” Continuing to watch, it became interesting. Think about it, what if you don’t agree with the “laws” of other religions that are already out there? Don’t you have to agree all in all with the “laws” and practices of a religion in order to be a true follower and believer?

When filming “reality” shows or anything for that matter, you always film (or at least you should) twice or 3 times as much footage than you actually need so that you have a lot to work with when it comes to editing. MTV couldn’t and didn’t show us everything which led us to having more questions about the particulars of starting a religion, so we reached out to Unicole Unicron, the founder of the religion UNICULT.

Discussing what led to her starting UNICULT, what the religion is all about and its progress since inception, check out our interview with Unicole Unicron below. Comment your thoughts!

**All photos from this point forward are courtesy and the property of Unicole Unicron.

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All Access Blog: Explain the process (or your process) in starting a new religion.

Unicole Unicron: Starting a new religion is a serious undertaking and it has taken me three years of in-depth study of many different fields to do it. I worked for a long time in a library and a bookstore so I had daily access to a huge number of books on every topic. My favorite part of this experience was shelving in the esoteric section of the bookstore. It smelled like incense and was kind of tucked away so there weren’t many customers to bother me. For amusement, I made it a game to understand every book that I shelved. Some books I could understand just from the cover, but others took about 30 minutes of frantic skimming, pretending I was just about to put it on the shelf if anyone needed me for anything else. I learned all about New Age, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Natural Healing, Shamanism, Philosophy, Psychology – especially Jungian, Self Help and Magic that way as well as more cultural topics like Gender Studies and Literary Criticism.

All that being said, it wasn’t until I read a very powerful book less than a year ago and I had my most profound spiritual-ideological breakthroughs.  The book was called We, The Arcturians. It just so happens to have been written/channeled in the same month and the same year as my birth. The words resonated with me so deeply, that almost immediately afterwards I was able to tap into this higher consciousness, otherwise known as the Arcturians and “download” an immense amount of knowledge, most of which is catalogued on my website  The Arcturians are magnificent beings of love and light who have been my guardian angels for all of my life. I have deep roots with them and they are my main supporters and guides.

AAB: What kind of religion is Unicult?

UU: There is a difference between the religion of Unicultism and UNICULT as a collaborative effort. Unicultism is the spiritual framework that I have developed based on my in-depth cross-field studies and my meditative searching and communication with higher intelligence. It is a religion I developed based purely on my own understanding of the world, and while I have tried very hard to expand my world view, I am inevitably limited by my own life experience and cannot claim to have come across a spiritual framework which will satisfy every person on planet earth, which is my end goal. So, UNICULT is a collaborative effort for anyone who wants to work toward the goal of creating a more bright and hopeful future. Members of UNICULT are not required to practice Unicultism, but they are encouraged to study it and make up their own spiritual framework. That way, we can all be truly fulfilled based on our own unique understandings of the world.

AAB: What are the requirements for being a Unicult member? (Application, payment, etc)?

UU: There are several levels of UNICULT participation. The first level of being a member costs $11.11. When new applicants return the application, they then receive a welcome package which includes instructions for progressing to the second level.

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AAB: What does it mean to be a Unicult member?

UU: The framework of UNICULT membership is to guide participants through a casual spiritual growth where they receive tangible rewards for their intangible success. It also gives access to a wide community of other UNICULT members who are on similar paths.

AAB: How many members do you currently have? Where do most of them come from?

UU: I recently changed the application process and have about 40 official members. I am getting new requests daily and anticipate thousands within the next year and eventually, millions of people to be official members. Most members find me online on YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, or Instagram because they have gravitated toward my teachings. They appreciate the community aspect and also instinctively understand the benefit of working towards a state of near-constant JOY.

It’s more difficult to recruit people in “real life” because there is this emotional aspect of ourselves we keep hidden from one another, but which can more easily be expressed through the safety of the digital realm. Unless you’re very close with someone in real life, it’s hard to offer them spiritual guidance. Luckily, the internet exists and I can reach a wide variety of people that way.



AAB: Do you have frequent meetings? (How? via Skype, online chat, etc) What is your average meeting turnout?

UU: Currently, the most sacred meeting place we have is a daily gathering on Periscope during my variety/reality show “7pm Where Anything is Possible”. There are usually about 200 people each weeknight who tune in and who share their views on a variety of topics and who get advice from me. Soon I’ll also be starting something I’m calling “Cam Church” and that will be something similar with a much different vibe.

We do occasionally have vegan potlucks but currently, those are on hold as I feel I can reach so many more people through the digital realm.

AAB: Explain your recruiting process.

UU: All are welcome to UNICULT! Anyone who wants to join just has to buy the application and send it in.

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AAB: Have you had another Unicornicopia event since the one shown on MTV’s True Life? If so, a better turnout?

UU: I haven’t held any events since Unicornicopia, which was actually a really fantastic event. It deeply affected everyone who came and we had powerful performers like Christina Martine and Diva Dompe who were unfortunately not shown on the episode. I am currently working on an album with my partner Jeremy Garner and we will be touring with it in 2016 to promote the ideology of UNICULT.  So rather than have any more events right now, that is my focus. I will probably have Unicornicopia 2 next autumn since it was such a fun event to put on.

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AAB: How did True Life come about?

UU: I was visited in the digital realm by a literal angel named Jayson Nessi. He gave me several riddles and some clues which led me to MTV’s website. When I got there I saw that they were looking for people who had created their own religions. As soon as I saw that, I knew that I would be on the episode since I have worked so hard to do just that.  I am grateful for his angelic guidance.

AAB: In the beginning (at religion’s conception), what was the friend and family support like? What is it like now?

UU: UNICULT started as an art project which slowly solidified into something quite real. As this has happened, support has done the same. Initially, the art community I was a part of was casually dismissive, as art communities are wont to be. But, over time, I found the path I was truly meant to take and the people I was truly meant to be collaborating with. This is still happening and I meet new people who I am meant to meet every single day. I am grateful to have a handful of very supportive friends and a family who supports me with all their hearts.

AAB: Do you plan on writing a Unicult “bible” or guide or have you already started?

UU: YES! But that is a ways out still. I have started this document but it’s going to be pretty metaphorical and poetic so I’d say, give me about 10 years on that one.

AAB: On True Life, you mentioned taking Unicult on tour, is that still the plan?

UU: Yes, like I mentioned before, I’m working on a new album with Jeremy Garner under the name Outside Time and Space. This is a promotional aspect of UNICULT and we will be bringing in brainwashing, religious aesthetic, and entertainment to promote the concepts of humanity’s true power and potential and the fact that we’re ALL ONE.

AAB: What are your plans for Unicult? (Near future and long-term)

UU: Do you want to hear them all? Currently I’m developing an app to strengthen your telepathy (Tele-App) with your friends. It’s a powerful app and it’ll revolutionize the way that we communicate with and relate to one other. Simultaneously, I’ll be hosting my Periscope show M-F and then Cam Church on MyFreeCams on Sunday mornings which will lead to the release of my feminist pornography project UNIPORN on Valentine’s Day 2016. In the middle of next year Jeremy Garner and I will be touring with our album across the US.  After that, I’ll be working with investors and engineers to completely change the face of global fashion distribution with ideas I’ve already solidified. In a few years I’d like to become a mom and I’ll use those first years to develop a new educational format for the youth, meant to decentralize learning techniques and give the power of joyous information internalization to the younger generations via technology. It is my goal to affect change in literally every industry with the ideals of UNICULT, they are so powerful and have such potential to make life on Earth truly joyous for all who are alive here. There are other things I could mention but I think perhaps that is enough to release at this time.

AAB: Anything you want to talk about that I haven’t asked about?

UU: I offer one-on-one healing services as well as knowledge-transfer sessions. I also have a retail store called UNICULT Supply Co and when you shop there or donate to UNICULT, you help support me in doing my life’s work and making this planet into the best one it can be.  Additionally, if you’re an interested investor, hit me up.

AAB: Is there anyone that you want to give thanks to? (Give names, city and state optional)

UU: My family in Colorado, everyone who has ever wished me harm (they have made me so strong), and my starseed family and all of the members of the UNICULT who are here now on the ground floor, helping build this dream into a reality. And of course, the dear reader who is reading these words, wherever and whenever you are. You are in my heart and I thank you so deeply for your attention.

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