Southern Vocals: An Interview with Ndia


ALL ACCESS BLOG: Favorite childhood memory?

NDIA: My childhood was most enjoyable during middle and high school, because I was able to assert my independence and pursue more of the things I enjoyed on my own. I think my first crush (though, I later found out he was wack) and also going on family vacations are the things that stick out the most.

AAB: What was your early music career like?

NDIA: A lot of disorganization and winging it, but also a lot of fun. I started off in a girl group at 14 years old. We were so determined and resourceful. It’s important to keep that same hunger throughout your adult career and never let obstacles and failures jade you.

AAB: Was it easy getting parental/family support in regards to you pursuing music?

NDIA: No, my mom never supported my career as an artist. Like many parents, she wanted me to become a doctor or a business professional. Even as an adult, she is just now warming up to the idea of me being a musician…I think I kinda wore her down lol

AAB: First album you sang along to?

NDIA: The first albums I remember feeling connected to as a child were “The Miseducation of Lauren Hill” and “The Velvet Rope” by Janet Jackson


AAB: If you weren’t doing music, then…

NDIA: I would probably be a male stylist or an astro-physicist

AAB: Where does your songwriting inspiration come from?
NDIA: My own experiences and perspectives, as well as my imagination and inspiration from other people’s experiences.

AAB: Any career fears?

NDIA: That people will think I suck

AAB: Do you think women are over-sexualized?

NDIA: Yes, breasts in particular, and it’s not even that deep fam.

AAB: Anyone you want to shout out that’s been supporting you since day 1?
NDIA: My BFF Shyla Files ❤