Plastic City: An Interview with Ellis Martin

Ellis Martin

Ellis Martin grew up in a violent and drug-filled neighborhood on the South-side of Chicago with his Italian mother and black father who wanted to shield their son from the rapidly growing Rap and Hip-Hop movements. Therefore inducing the limitations on Martin’s listening selections to music from the 50’s and 60’s, particularly Motown, Rock N’ Roll and Doo-Wop. With the different shades of the oldies continuously breaking through, and contributing to the development of his distinctive sound, Martin essentially makes music that is a bold cry for revolution, not just musically but as well as in the world in general.

“All of this 21st century madness is being spurred on by a ‘porn mindset’. I am not speaking of pornography itself necessarily, but simply the synthesizing and commoditizing of love and sex in general. Divorce rates are at 50%, sexual assault and rape cases are skyrocketing, everyone needs to take a pill to get up or go down. I can’t even find a good pair of breasts that aren’t stuffed with silicone anymore! It feels like nobody cares about anything authentic. Everything is plastic. Everything is porn.” –Ellis Martin

The Mad Mr. Martin took us to church during this interview. He touched on many things, that we too, have the same perception of the world being a “plastic city”. Click below to listen to him talk about some real s%&t.

…as we sit outside on Summit and Hammond in Pasadena, CA, via phone we interview Ellis Martin…


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