Paper Thoughts: An Interview with Joe Brock


All Access Blog: Have you always been a writer?

Joe Brock: Yes, I was always a writer even from a young age. it was a form of therapy for me and helped me get through some of the darkest times in my life when I didn’t have anyone else.

AAB: What have you learned from your writing?

JB: I’ve learned way too many things to count. Perhaps the greatest lesson of all though is that we are all in this life together and having words and emotions spelled out to relate to from someone else helps to ease any kind of pain.

AAB: What does it mean to be a self-published author? Any plans for a book tour?

JB: It means a lot of pride in your work, everything is you from the writing, to the editing, right on down to the very process of publishing. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication but It’s worth every second once you hold that book in your hands for the first time. and yes perhaps a book tour or two in the near future will be arranged.

AAB: Do you develop a book concept first then write or do you start writing and fit a concept around what you’ve written?

JB: I developed my concepts first and stricture them accordingly.

AAB: Describe your writing environment.

JB: Always music playing, candles lit, no phone or distractions present, isolated and away from the world. Rarely ever out in public as there are just too many distractions for my taste.

AAB: Do you think women “play” the victim more often than not, in relationships?

JB: There can be no gender specifications anymore, women and men are responsible for their behavior in relationships and we’ve all done our fair share of victimizing and playing the victim. I just think it’s time we all grow up and leave these childish ways behind us.

AAB: What have you learned from your past relationships?

JB: Trust love every time, and don’t keep count of your heartbreaks.

AAB: What does an honest relationship look like to you?

JB: Freedom to come and go as you please as long as there is never a doubt who you’re coming home to and that goes for the man and the woman.

AAB: Has being single helped you become a better writer or at least self-reflect on your relationships?

JB: Yes, it has actually, I needed the time for reflections and healing.

AAB: For those unaware, explain who Dr. Sebi is. How did he influence you?

JB: He is a naturalist and holistic doctor who was recently murdered by the us government, though that may be a heavy claim I believe there is substantial evidence to back it up. He cured every disease known to man and his work was greatly needed and will be missed by this world. He inspired me with his work because he never once gave up on the very humans who took his life in the end, true compassion is in empathy, not sympathy.

AAB: Have you ever been in a relationship and could honestly say “this person loves me more than I love them”?

JB: Can’t say that I have but if I ever was and I knew that I couldn’t consciously stay with that person.

AAB: Younger Joe Brock wanted to be what when he grew up?

JB: A football player and I achieved that dream before becoming a writer.

AAB: Describe an emotional mind.

JB: Everyone’s mind, we are emotional beings inside and out.

AAB: Is an emotional mind a narrow mind?

JB: Not necessarily, being open minded is a choice like anything else, emotions can be left out of it.

AAB: Anyone you want to thank for continuously supporting your writing and throughout life in general?

JB: Me, myself and I. because no one ever does that anymore, we’ve all forgotten who must always be number one in our hearts, ourselves.