Live Life Confident: An Interview With Just 2 Nice Clothing



All Access Blog: Just 2 Nice Founders.

Malcolm Marble: I am the founder but I have other people that work with me; Terron Ward, he went to college with me at Oregon State. Then there’s Frederick Wilfong, he goes to UNLV so he pushes the line out there in Vegas.

AAB: When did you decide to create a clothing line?

MM: When I was in high school, I really enjoyed clothing, I bought a lot of clothes and I had the name Just 2 Nice. Once I got to college, I was blessed with some financial aid money and it was a lot of money; the most money I’ve ever had in my hand. So I was like I might as well do something productive with it and that I’m passionate about, so that’s when I took the step to make my own clothing line. I just did the research on what it took and then went after it.

AAB: The business partners that you have now, how did you get them to partner up with you?

MM: The way I presented it and the way other people reacted to it. They saw that it could be something and they believe in me as a person.

AAB: How did the name Just 2 Nice come about?

MM: In high school I played football, I was number 2 and it was a conversation between our dean and another teacher that I was having and one of the teachers was like “you’re too nice on the field” and the other one, jokingly, said you’re “Just too nice”. After that, I liked the name and I kind of ran with it. One day I started writing on my backpack, I started stitching it on my hats; people liked it. They were like you should start making that for everybody…then I just started doing it.

AAB: How is Just 2 Nice different than any other streetwear brand?

MM: It’s different because it’s not only screen printing on a shirt. It has an actual meaning. Our motto is “Live Life Confident”. Basically, being all that you can be. If you’re out there doing what you were put on this earth to do, then you’re living life confident; you’re Just 2 Nice. A lot of people that wear our clothes and believe in us, they kind of start to understand that. I feel like it’s become a lifestyle.

AAB: What influences Just 2 Nice’s designs?

MM: I just want to make quality clothing. I’ve worn a lot of popular brands and it’s more about the label than the actual clothing. I just want to make clothes that people actually enjoy. Like, “this is my favorite sweater”, not because of the name of it but because of how it feels. So I take part in that when I’m creating and drawing. Another brand that I really like is Kith NY, I really like what Ronnie Fieg is doing with that. Just trying to keep it quality and fresh.

AAB: Explain your journey up to where you are now.

MM: It’s crazy. Clothing is hard. I went to Oregon State and since I was on the football team, it was hard to get people to take [Just 2 Nice] it seriously. They just thought I was playing around just trying to do something for the moment, but once I made it serious and a lot more people around the campus started wearing it—it went from just the football players and my friends wearing it to people that I didn’t even know wearing it and they didn’t even know me, so that feeling was great. So we went from that, to not having a website, to now having a website and people from Canada being able to buy my stuff. So it’s definitely grown. I’m just trying to keep expanding it and one day get a store and go global.

AAB: Small [brand] goals and big [brand] goals?

MM: Right now, we have a manufacturer in Oregon and I would like to get one in LA so that I don’t have to deal with the shipping costs and connect with more people (bloggers, photographers, event planners, etc). Big goals are getting a store, multiple stores in different states and around the country, I want to be able to travel to third world countries and give out clothes to kids that are less fortunate. Like I said, it’s about living life confident, I want everyone to know about Just 2 Nice and be able to live life confident.


AAB: Overall vision for the brand?

MM: To be worldwide, have quality clothing and make a difference; do what other brands are not doing.

AAB: What’s the key to success?

MM: Honestly, the key to success is never giving up. If you’re passionate about something, then no matter what obstacles come in front of you, you’ll find a way to get through them. Just keep going, never give up, that’s the key.

AAB: How beneficial is social media when running and growing a business?

MM: It’s probably the most important thing right now. I met a guy from Hungary that liked my clothes and we did a collab. Social media makes the world smaller. You’ll be able to talk to people that you would’ve never met without social media. I feel like social media is very important. It can help your brand grow overnight, if you’re blessed enough for it to work out like that. Social media is a very important thing in clothing and any type of business right now.

AAB: How does social media play a role in your business?

MM: Instagram is a big part, just so people can see the clothes and want them. I post a picture and I get people commenting “I want that shirt” or “I like that shirt” “How much is it”, stuff like that. Rather than, if I did not have social media I guess I would have do my best to try to throw events. So it [social media] makes it easier to reach people without actually being in front of them.

AAB: What type of guy were you in high school?

MM: I was a football player but I wasn’t like a rude guy. I was the kind of guy that would be the star of the football team but I was also able talk to anybody at school. I mean, I would like to think that was me… [Laugh].

AAB: Were you into fashion when you were younger?

MM: Yes. When I was younger I couldn’t buy everything I wanted. I had to figure out how to get what I wanted through other ways like hustling and selling my stuff. I was always like a popular kid but when you’re popular and your clothes don’t match your image, it’s kind of weird so I had to figure out how to wear the nicest clothes and still be who I was. So yea, I was definitely into fashion.


AAB: What kind of music do listen to?

MM: I’m a big Drake fan. I like Lana Del Rey, Big Sean, J.Cole; I like to find artists that aren’t mainstream, that have a good sound. I like Bryson Tiller’s stuff. But I like to find music that a lot of people don’t listen to. I also do videos so when I add a song to it that no one has ever heard before, I get the comments like “what song is that?”, I really like that.

AAB: Any knowledge of running a business before actually starting one?

MM: No. I was on google a lot trying to figure out how to get a domain name, how to start a website, etc. It was really exhausting in the beginning. I was also on the football team and that’s already exhausting, so in between meetings I was making calls, googling stuff. I had to grind but I’m glad I did it.

AAB: How much [time and money] would you say you’ve invested into Just 2 Nice before your first sale?

MM: Before my first sale, I invested a lot of time with research. Like I said, I wanted people to take me serious but I didn’t want to just put out some crap so it took me a while with the research. With the money, the first thing I bought was sweatshirts and it was just screen print so that wasn’t too expensive but it took me a long time to figure out what kind of logo I wanted. I’m no art major so I had to find people and explain to them my ideas and my vision; and it came out pretty nice.

AAB: Not being involved in the Cannabis industry, do you feel that being involved in the Cannabis industry can tarnish your brand?

MM: It depends on the person you know. Some people like that. You get the kind of people that for example, like to see a girl playing video games in your [brand] shirt, they like that because it turns them on. Then you got people that do smoke so they like to see someone wearing their [brand] shirt and smoking because they like to smoke. So it just depends on the audience. I try to keep it in the middle, clean pictures. I don’t like to favor or choose sides, it’s [Just 2 Nice] for everybody.

AAB: How do you determine pricing? Will the price increase as the popularity of the brand increases?

MM: I think you determine price by your demographic and our demographic is the middle class. Me coming from the bottom, I never wanted to make my clothes too expensive. I wanted someone like me to be able to afford high quality clothing but at a reasonable price. I don’t ever want to make my clothes too expensive but I do know that I put a lot of work into them so they’re not going to be cheap.

Price will not increase as popularity increases. That’s one of the things that I was told by people that have been doing it. You have to solidify your price at the beginning so that when you do start to grow, people won’t be saying “you raised your prices because more people are buying it”. So right now the price is basically set. It may increase by a few dollars but what it is right now is basically what it’s going to be.

AAB: Any garment additions to the line in the near future?

MM: Definitely. I’m just trying to strategically go up. So I wanted to start with just clothes and get my fan base familiar with the clothes. When we first started I did sweatshirts then beanies, I did sweats and we have socks now. So I want to slowly and strategically move up the right way. Soon, my dream is for you to be able to get dressed in everything Just 2 Nice. Besides clothes I want to come out with bags, backpacks, luxury travel bags…

AAB: Anything else you want to add that we have not touched on?

MM: September 7, 2016 was our Fall launch and people that don’t know about Just 2 Nice, you can follow us on Instagram at @j2Nclothing and our website is

AAB: Shoutouts?

MM: I want to shoutout the people that work with me. I do a lot on my own but without them I wouldn’t be this far so I want to give a shoutout to Terron Ward, a big part of the brand, he’s been down with me since day 1. Tyler Anderson, one of my day 1 homies, Audrey Wills, she went to Oregon State with me too. Maurice. Frederick Wilfong, he’s up at UNLV repping the brand like no other, it’s as if 2 Nice started up there so I really appreciate him. There’s a lot of people that really had my back so I really appreciate all of them for that and I want them to continue because this is going to be something big. Continue to have faith in me as I continue to have faith in myself.


Malcolm Marble, Just 2 Nice Founder