He’s Arrived: An Interview with Julian Keyz

Julian "Keyz" Thomas

Chicago native, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, clothing designer; Julian Keyz gives a new definition to the title, Independent Artist. Keyz is a 3 time Apollo Amateur Night winner; he has danced for the Chicago Bulls for 3 seasons and has performed at the Official Inaugural Ball at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. Wow right? He may be new to some ears but he’s been around and continues to accomplish many things while making his way to the top.

Keyz’s new single “Girls” paints a picture of college temptation from a male’s point of view. College Tales, the EP that the single “Girls” is featured on is an audio documentary of what it’s like for a male in college when it comes to women being a temptation when you are already in a relationship. Julian Keyz is the first musician that I have come across where the title of the album correlates with the actual content of the album. Genius right? I think so too!

Having the opportunity to interview Keyz about his single “Girls” and the EP College Tales, I must say I have never interviewed a more humbling person. He is extremely passionate about his music and understands what he is doing and the type of music he wants to give to the world. He is about perfecting his craft and when I say perfecting I don’t mean the general definition of perfection. He is building his craft to the point where he’s satisfied with his music and the kind of artist he has become but still continuing to grow. Seeing every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow, there’s no limit to how far Keyz will go.

It’s okay if you’re not impressed yet, just click the link below to listen to my interview with Julian Keyz and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


If you don’t know about him, get to know about him because sooner or later you won’t have a choice but to know him!

To check out more of Julian Keyz check out the links below:






February 27, 2015

*Interview conducted Feb 5, 2015


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