From the East to the South: An Interview with Azia Adelle


Being from New Jersey, or any state where the resources you need are limited, how important is it to move to a different city or state, or “follow the resources”?

I don’t necessarily think you have to move. I moved to Atlanta to be with my family more than my singing career. Though being here gives me more motivation, I believe no matter where you are, if you have talent, you will be discovered in due time.

What are your music industry goals?

My music industry goals are to simply create great music that people can relate to, if God let’s me be able to use my talent to take care of my family with this dream, that would be my greatest accomplishment. 

How important is it for you to always have creative control over your music?

I think it is very important to have creative control over my music because this is what makes me who I am, and how I express myself through song. Although, sometimes a few suggestions may be taken in consideration, the ultimate decisions should definitely be left down to the artist. 

What drives your motivation?

My hunger for music drives my motivation. This is the first thing I think about when I wake up every day. I love writing music and the fact that it turns into a great song is an even better feeling. This is what I want to do for a living, so that is what drives me continue striving for this until it happens.


Talk about the first time you performed—emotions, where, etc.

The first time I performed was actually at my brother’s pool party last year. I was nervous, overwhelmed, and scared all at the same time. Wasn’t sure if the people there would like my voice or the songs I was going to sing. But surprisingly, everyone loved it and that’s when I began to start believing in myself more. 

You would welcome the opportunity to work with Chris Brown, are there any female artists you would like to work with?

Definitely! I would love the opportunity to work with a lot of female artist, one being Nicki Minaj. I’m a huge fan of her musical style and individuality. She is for sure great artist and I’m sure that would be a crazy collaboration if given the opportunity.

Why music? Have you ever wanted to do anything else? (Explain)

I want to do music because music makes me feel complete. I would love to be able to do what I love for the rest of my life. Growing up, before taking singing seriously, I saw myself being a dentist or a Sonographer. These careers are great too but if I’m lucky enough to become a successful singer, I’d be most happy with that as my career choice.

Ultimately your music is different because you are an individual but in other ways, how is your music different?

My music is different because I bring that old 90’s feeling back to what R&B use to be. No auto tone, just me. 

What do you feel music is missing? (From a business perspective or creative perspective, or both)

I feel music is missing that “realness” that it used to have. Everybody on the radio really ain’t talking bout anything. That is except for the slim few real artists that are left. We need to bring back music with substance in it. Songs that have a positive message to the youth.

Do you think it’s important to know how to say “NO” in the music industry and in life in general?

Yes definitely. I believe it is important to stay true to you whether it be in the music industry or in life itself. You gotta say “NO” if you don’t agree with something or you don’t feel comfortable with something. You know why it is important ? Because if you become a “yes man” people will take advantage of you and your money. If saying no brings offense to anyone, maybe they didn’t have your best interest at heart in the first place.

Would you ever write for another artist? Talk about it.

Would I ever write for another artist? Of course, that’s where the money comes in. I write songs all the time that I, myself, can’t see myself singing or it doesn’t fit my style per say, but it would definitely fit a lot of other artists that comes to mind. 

What do you like to do besides creating music and songwriting?

Besides singing, I like to spend time with my family mostly. You gotta take the time and appreciate your loved ones while they are here. My family means the world to me.

Side chicks? (What comes to mind? Your opinion?)

Haha. The first thing I think about when I hear side chicks is “too many females are comfortable being a side chick these days”. Seems as if women have lowered their standards as the years go by. This is something that needs to change though, sooner than later.

Anyone you want to give a shoutout to that has supported you since day 1; whether musically or in general?

I definitely want to thank my family, friends and everybody who has listened to my music and will continue to listen to my music in the future. Y’all support is what keeps me working towards making my dream come true. I love you all for believing in me, because y’all give me the courage to believe in myself. Working towards a dream is hard and stressful, you gotta have a solid support system and God by your side to keep focused. So I thank y’all and most importantly thank God for keeping me.