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Out of a university somewhere in Houston, the artist noFace Hippie hides his identity so his content won’t interfere with his progression along the path to success. The path to success he is on, was created by those in power of this world; created by those who don’t want you to love yourself more then you love them; created by those who don’t want you to explore outside of their boundaries. The project Feel the Waves, is a form of expression… expressing the emotions experienced by noFace in this phase of his journey.


ALL ACCESS BLOG: Who are some of your music influences?


A Tribe Called Quest

Kendrick Lamar


J. Cole

Chance the Rapper

Joey Bada$$

John Coltrane

Various other indie rappers

AAB: How do you define music success?

nFHM: I think successful music is music that is made from the heart, relatable to the masses, and has a catchy delivery.

AAB: Fame or fortune?

nFHM: I personally try not to put too much value on fame and fortune, but if I were to choose, I would much rather have fortune rather than fame. I could use the fortune as a resource to continue to make music for the world to hear.

AAB: Do you think one of the reasons why musicians “fall off” is because lyrically they don’t mature?

nFHM: I think they fall off because the passion isn’t the same or the music isn’t coming from the same place where it had originally started (the heart).

AAB: Why music?

nFHM: Ever since I was a little child I had a passion for music. Music is the perfect remedy for any situation. If you’re having a shitty day, you can throw on some tunes and get lost in it. Or if you’re out with squad on the way to the function, you can throw on some tunes and get “turnt” to it. Or if you just chilling with your people smoking a blunt, you can throw on some smooth tunes and completely vibe out. Recently last year I discovered that I have the ability to make music. I’ve been having fun with it ever since.

AAB: What’s the vibe of your Feel the Waves EP?

Feel the Waves EP

nFHM: Feel the Waves EP is a 10 song project. The vibe is real laid back mixed with a few upbeat songs talking about being a teen and wanting to do what I choose with my life rather than always living the way others want me live. “Jet Planes” -track 10, talks about how I’m tired of my current situation and I want a way out. Throughout the EP I rap about the “waves”, “waves” is the feeling you get when you hear some dope ass music and you get overwhelmed with a feeling. One day randomly while rapping, I found myself consumed with this feeling; sung the words, “I can feel the waves.” From that day forward, I chose to release my first music project.

AAB: Are you currently working on a next project?

nFHM: My next project Trees, is going to have from 10-14 tracks and will drop 4.20.16. This album is going to be for all the stoners, free spirits, and hippies all around the world who are celebrating the infamous holiday.

AAB: What are your music goals?

nFHM: My goal musically is to create music that the masses are able to vibe and relate to. I also think it would be awesome to make a living off making music, which I feel like my brain already makes naturally.


AAB: If offered, would you take a full record deal or just distribution? Why?

nFHM: If offered under the right circumstances I would accept a record deal. I don’t want to be so controlled to the point where I can’t make music the way I want. As long as I can still be me, then I would sign a record deal. Until then I’m flying solo.

AAB: How are you different from other artists?

nFHM: I feel like my sound and vibe is completely different than anything you’d hear on the radio. I’ve developed my own style of rap.

AAB: What have you learned or what do you think you’ve learned so far, as far as being an independent artist?

nFHM: If I’ve learned anything about being an independent artist, I’ve learned how to finesse the audacity recording app. Most of the songs on my EP were recorded in my dorm and edited with audacity by me. I only had two songs (“Melanin” and “Pressure”) recorded and mastered in a studio called NuJam Studio in Dallas. I also learned that being an independent artist, it can be hard getting your music out to the masses to be heard.

AAB: Next big artist to come from your city?

nFHM: Nubee Mac out of Houston is a lyricist to look out for.

AAB: Is going to school your backup plan? Why marketing?

nFHM: Going to school was actually the original plan. I didn’t know how to rap exactly a year ago and I am currently a sophomore at a college stationed in Houston. The plan my parents instilled in me since I was young was always to go to college and get a solid degree so I chose Marketing. Going to college, getting away from a really controlled lifestyle, I found MYSELF and met a few people that allowed me to be me. Soon I discovered that I could rhythmically put words together into a song and it’s the coolest thing to me.

AAB: Have your friends and family heard your music? If so, what do they think? If not, why not?

nFHM: Because of all the drug references, I tried my best to conceal my music from my family because I didn’t want them to hound me. Until one day I figured, why not show them what I’m working with because I was really proud of my work. So I showed my mom one of my songs and she really liked it. Then she showed my dad and he liked it too. Then they showed the rest of my family and they liked it too. Soon though, my parents had many questions about my lyrics. “How much weed do you REALLY smoke?… Are you on pills?.. I’m worried about you..” My family likes my music but my lyrics are what concern them. My parents’ favorite song that I wrote is (“Melanin”) because it’s talking about being proud of your skin. After hearing that, they funded me studio time and supported what I was doing but still worry about me; all of the friends that I showed my music to seem to enjoy my music.


AAB: If you had to pick another artist who your music resembles, who would it be?

nFHM: Not quite sure. I feel like I sound pretty unique but I’ve heard that my sound resembles Kendrick Lamar and one person said that I sound like a lost member of A Tribe Called Quest.

AAB: Making your own beats is becoming the choice these days for independent artists; do you make your own beats?

nFHM: I don’t make any of my own beats yet. I am learning but not ready to use them for a project. I find different producers on SoundCloud.

AAB: Since you’re in school, do you make time to make music or do you just find the time here and there?

nFHM: Whenever I’m just chilling not doing anything, then I’ll write music. It’s like a hobby. When people are watching TV, playing video games, doing homework lol, I’m writing music. And whenever I find the time out of my busy college schedule, I’ll record them.
AAB: Anyone you want to shoutout who’s really rocking with you and believes in your music?

nFHM: I want to give a shoutout to my parents and little sister, the whole entire Ecnaifed squad (an independent artist group), and my girlfriend Ling Ling (lol code name).


Check out the video for “Jet Planes” below!


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