Chester Creative: An Interview with Rashawn Frisby


Designer, Poet, Artist and Chester, Pennsylvania native, Rashawn Frisby has granted All Access Blog with an interview. His attraction to design, poetry, life goals and more below. Keep reading and you’ll also find one of his poems!

3 Life Goals.

To be sponsored by vans by the AGE OF 24. I would like to explore the world freely so I can expand my vision. Often time’s people where I come from get stuck in a place and the very line that they all use is “I have to get out of here”. It’s just not for me and I have to strive for better. The last life goal is to see my family in a place where they are happy and free of worry from the burden of bills.

Talk about your attraction to design and poetry.

My attraction to design and poetry stems from what I am feeling. It was a short time that I allowed myself to be judged by what others believed about my designs and poetry and I had to put a stop to it.

When you first started altering and ultimately designing shoes, did you think that there would be as many designs as you have created?

The one thing I love about my projects now is I am not disappointed in the design, but the fact that I could possibly put more in it. It always feels like something is missing ya know?

As far as me believing that I would’ve been designing this long I didn’t think about it that way. Honestly it’s a stepping stone in my life. I just see it as something to do while in the meantime being passionate about doing it to the best of my potential. 


What is your overall design vision other than uniqueness?

 I have no damn Idea where I’m going I just know I’m going to end up somewhere where I am highly recommended and talked about. I know I’m the one that could possibly make it out (the hood).

Do you have an art background?

 I have an artistically set background.

Before now, were you on a different career path? Explain.

I did have a different career Path. It was to become a graphic designer, but I wasn’t put in a position to excel at that. I got discouraged often times because I had to go over to all of my friends houses to actually use their equipment in hopes that they would invest their energy into my vision.

Have you received enough feedback (or sales) from shoe design for it to be a sizeable business?

 I just started actually marketing my product, why? All artists go through a phase where it’s just a burden on their soul to sale what they create. So it puts you in a loop where you cannot work how you want. I can’t speak for everyone but this is how I feel about it.

Family and or friends in the workplace?

Right now it’s just me. I work on my own designs and I receive support from ( @JrTheLegend – @SamAnthony – @_Troy.P)- Instagram names.

If you have a significant other, or get one along the way, how involved in your design business would you like them to be? Why?

I would love my significant other to be a part of what I do (if I had one). Right now I’m chillin’ though. If someone comes along and I see that they are as passionate as I am about my work then it’s a plus. Nothing more nothing less ya know? 


Other hobbies besides creating?

My other hobbies consist of thinking about the vast galaxies that we live in, studying religion, and playing basketball. Of course ball is life and I have to stay fit ya know? Its days that I look up at the stars and know that the universe calls. Once you look at your perspective from the galaxies than it makes you understand that your problems are infinitesimal. That’s one of the understandings I received from studying the stars.

Where’s the poetry?

 “Deep conversations with your own thoughts. The thought of the future plays a big role in your present downfall were the absence of your presence becomes a present. Resorting to anyone or anything to distract yourself your own self from reality. Cloud 9 is one of the places where you for most of your analysis, seeing situations from places you can’t seem to know where coming from but you feel where their coming from. The future is the second and the past second in which you tell yourself I’m here now. Song lyrics become a guide to your un-explained feelings, but you should never let something bring you down.”

Anyone you want to give a shoutout to that has supported you since day 1 with any goal or dream that you have ever had?

I would personally like to give a shout out to the whole Triple o, Siti, SvpremeKai, Evoke, IceManRod, QuinThaEskimo, Lv Luciano, My Family, and Ju.


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