Threaded Lifestyle: An Interview with S.H.!.P. The Collection

All Access Blog: All founders of Ship the Collection.

Shaq Bynes: The original founder is George “GP” Swain, who passed away at the tender age of 16 in 2009.
Myself (Shaq Bynes) is considered the co-founder and CEO at this time.

AAB: Where did the name S.H.I.P. originate from?

SB: S.H.!.P. all started off with GP not digging the fact that this other clothing line from a neighboring town was being seen all in our high school. He felt as if that brand was whack, they were hypebeast and we could do way better as a squad. So with that being said he wanted to make our own. At 15 years old I was ready for anything. It sounded pretty cool, but when thinking of the name was probably the most historic/memorable part of the brand. We were all chilling in his room. Now me, being very Afrocentric, I wanted something in African for Unity, they immediately shut that down lol. GP called his skateboard his “Slaveship” at the time, and wanted that to be the name but that wasn’t too marketable lol. So our friend at the time, Keith, said “Ship. Stop the hate and Ignorant People”. Right there the brand was born.

(hype beast [n.]: referring to a person who only wears popular or “hyped up” clothing, shoes.)

AAB: What made the 4 of you want to start a lifestyle brand?

SB: Yes, at first the brand started as a hobby, but after GP passed away the brand took a five-year deficit. It wasn’t till his little brother (Stevie) came to me saying let’s make some shirts for the squad. Making tees are expensive so I landed me a job on the New Jersey Turnpike and designed our first jersey.

AAB: The brand started as a hobby, when did it not become a hobby?

SB: It really stopped being a hobby when I realized how much weight that the acronym held in today’s society, especially the youth.

AAB: Talk about the loss of one of the founders, how did the loss effect the brand?

SB: Like mentioned, the brand took a five-year deficit. It was super hard on not just the brand but for me, the community, friend’s and our families.

AAB: Even though the brand started off as a hobby, what vision did you guys have for the brand? What’s the vision brand now?

SB: I can’t really pinpoint our vision when we first started. I don’t think we really had one. We were super young. Skateboarding and just wanted to call something our own. Now that GP is gone and I’m a little bit wiser to life the vision has significantly changed. We have nobody to look up to for a positive influence, no Martin or Malcolm’s. As a whole we pay attention to Hip hop, sports, ignorance and fashion. So why not push something through what everybody wants to be. is fashionable. And be a new age influence while doing that. Fly Malcolm X

AAB: What influences the collection, the lifestyle?

SB: One influence the brand has is my creativity. I am very in tuned to history. When it comes to music, art, movies. I like to pick at things such as that and incorporate it. I have a very old soul so that influences the brand as well. And just staying positive. Whatever makes people have a good time is really Ship the Collection the lifestyle and stretches further than just clothing.

AAB: How important is the brand’s success to all of you and your city?

SB: The brand’s success to me feels amazing! I’ve been able to meet so many people along my journey and been able to showcase my talents to a lot of people.
It’s a bunch of supporters from back home that I truly appreciate to death! It would be nothing without them. I do It for the people.

AAB: Does the brand have family and friend support??

SB: Does a tree fall in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it does it still make a sound?? lol
Hell yeah! Mí Familia loves what I do and they’re totally for it and I can’t forget about my friends that push me even when I feel like stopping.

AAB: How is SHIP different from other brands?

SB: I feel like S.H.!.P. differs from other brands because not every brand has a Shaq Bynes on bored. I say that because like I mentioned earlier it’s a lifestyle brand which is consisted of a collection of positive everything not just clothing. Clothing wise, no other brand has this deep of a message. I feel as if it sets us apart significantly.

AAB: Would SHIP ever collaborate with another brand or designer?

SB: Yes, I would for sure collab with other brands. I can’t call who will be the next one yet. I’ll let it happen organically.

AAB: In the next 2-3 months, what’s to be expected from SHIP?

SB: I’ve recently moved to Atlanta, GA so the company is based out here now. So in the next three months expect a re-vamp of the whole look of everything. *Birdman hand rub*

AAB: Shoutouts to anyone who’s been supportive since the beginning?

aye, first and for most All Access Blog, thanks for the support always!

secondly My main man GP and the Swains, bless up. BIG SHOUTS to Gramercy, NJ. my sister Tiffany. My moms, my pops. My cousin Ty Harriz, Ross, Josh, Mandela, JoJo, Kiki, Jasmine, Tonisha, My Grandfather! My brothers Chad, Mook, K-roc, Jamil. Our camera girl sick with it, RaeWEST!! My Union homies, my DFO brothers my manager/2nd mother Miss Shareme, Jabril Parnell ( #1 supporter outside of NJ) Cartel Music

Big Shouts to all the people in jersey that Held me down
Stronghold Shop
NJ Skateshop
Suite Lifestyle
UGLY International
Villains Unite
Brownmill Company

Everyone who got they hands on our very first jerseys, everyone who owns an article of our clothes, a sticker on their mac book… Love ya!!