A Pharaoh in the South: An Interview with Donald The Pharaoh

What’s your music’s message?

The main message in my music is to follow your heart chase your passion and your dreams, and you know of course we still talk about having fun chilling and smoking but as long as the track makes you feel good and keeps everybody positive I’ve done my job.

Of course we’re not banking on the downfall of Donald the Pharaoh but do you have a plan B?

I mean I guess my plan b is college but I don’t really have a major cause I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t survive off the music I make just yet.

What gives you the confidence to make music that you want to make and not follow the music trends?

I mean I make music for myself before I make it for anybody else like if I can’t bump my own music nobody else will so I just make music that I would like to hear at that moment and if happens to follow the trend then it does and if it doesn’t it doesn’t I just like making music.

Elaborate on Pineal Klan.

Pineal Klan is slowly building right now I’m tryna make sure its structured right, but its soon to be a collective of talented people whether you make music, a videographer, photographer, etc I just want everything I do all in house and me and my homies can make our art without anybody else controlling it I can’t really put a label on Pineal Klan cause its kinda like a never ending project.

If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

This is a hard question because so many artists and people influence the person I am today but I’ll give you three artists I would love to work with
1. Wiz because he set the wave for people like me he always just did his own shit and he really influences me when I get in the booth.
2. Tyler the Creator he is creative on another level than most people I just really wanna see how he works.
3. The Underachievers because they were the whole reason why I wanted to start rapping watching their Vlogs off their YouTube channel.

How are you rapping to make a change?

To Tell you the truth, I don’t know what I’m rapping for right now it’s just for the love of music but if I ever get to the platform I am for sure gonna make a change cause its only right trying to make the world better when you can influence so many people.

5 things you need for a successful recording session?

Haha alright first I need a good beat
Second I’ma need some herb to puff on I swear I get wavier after I smoke
Third just keep on playing the beat in my headphones and write
Fourth only my homies in there with me cause I get nervous around other people plus they let me know if stuff is wack.
Fifth just all around positive energy

Do you think the exploitation of women, is teaching young girls to subconsciously exploit themselves as they get older?
I think growing watching it and see it kinda normalized it and within the culture of hip hop it’s not seen as a bad thing but everybody makes their own decision and everybody has their own opinion on what’s right and wrong.
We have peeped and interviewed a few artists from Texas this year, you being one of those few, are resources for independent artists growing in Texas?
There’s so many people that try to rap and I tried reaching out to other sources but it seems if you don’t got no hype they not gonna give you a chance so in all honesty I’m starting to not care about the other resources. I’m going to just do everything myself that kinda what this rap shit post to be you post to hustle and make a name for yourself but you need a good team behind you.
What are you currently working on? Explain the inspiration for the current project in progress.

We got some projects but I don’t wanna speak on em you know gotta wait for the right time but just know we gonna come out of nowhere real soon.

Anyone you want to shoutout that has supported you musically and in life in general?

Shout out to all the people behind the scenes helping with Pineal Klan shout out to all the people that support me and my music and shout to y’all for hitting me up for this interview.