All Access Blog thinks there should be a music based festival where only independent artists are booked and paid to perform.

Why should only “mainstream” artists be paid for performances? Sure, they’ll bring the ticket sales but does it have to be all about the money all the time? Some people make music and need a little help spreading their words.

So, we’re starting the process on creating ‘Good Vibes Only’; a music based festival where independent artists are booked to perform and money is raised for Lupus LA. To showcase our efforts on making ‘Good Vibes Only’ a reality, we will be hosting a few fundraisers to help pay for the festival (location, stages, monetary compensation for booked artists and everything else!).

Our first fundraiser:

Fundraiser Recap



Everyone that helps us with Good Vibes Only the festival AND OR the fundraisers, will be recognized at the festival and listed as a sub-donor when we donate to Lupus LA—you can brag about it, put it on your website, in your social media profile, whatever is clever.

If you would like to sponsor a future fundraiser or the festival, please email, put in the subject “Good Vibes Only Festival” or “Good Vibes Only Fundraiser”.

Why Lupus LA?

Founder of All Access Blog, Amanda Jones has Lupus.

All Access Blog was founded on the passionate hunger to put her TV, Film & Media Studies degree to use. Amanda Jones has been denied internships and jobs due to having Lupus; not just jobs in the entertainment business, retail and the food industry as well. Hundreds of job applications but no job, so she told herself, start an online publication (blog). With the full support and contributions of Bre “Santana” Jennings, also a founder, All Access Blog was born. We don’t get paid for what we do but that does not hinder our dedication to making AAB everything we want it to be and more.

For any questions, please email or text 909-319-9585 for a faster reply.

Thank you!