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A creative discourse collective with goals to build a culture that promotes social justice through various platforms and projects, and to improve the economic condition of artists in the U.S.; Kiss My Black Arts (KMBA) was founded in Oakland, California June 20, 2012.

Kiss My Black Arts Collective exists to help artists take their creativity to the next level economically. Encouraging participation and collaboration amongst their members, local artists and community leaders—together, to create social economics through biography mural projects, activism selling via the Kemetique.

“American means White Africanist people struggle to make the term applicable to themselves, with ethnicity and hyphen after hyphen, after hyphen.” – Toni Morrison

A well organized group of artists, activists and community leaders KMBA writes to meet common goals through jointly owned and democratic controlled enterprises.

All Access Blog: Was there a certain event or situation that sparked the development of KMBA?

Kiss My Black Arts: Kiss my back arts started as a monthly art show of artists, performing artists and art buyers. It was an exhibit loosely associated with social justice, speaking out and protest. The exhibit was different from what most would expect. Some art was free while most paintings had tags that read, “pay what you want” others featured nothing but sayings such as Creative Discourse, Think Before You Sphinx and Kiss My Black Arts. From there, after various group discussions and events, KMBA became an organically developed collective of artists, designers and activist over the course of 3 years. The collective became known for a series of publicized murals, free food & coat giveaways, protest art and a mass distribution of t-shirts, stickers and buttons.

All Access Blog: What Keeps KMBA motivated?

Kiss My Black Arts: The motivation that keeps Kiss My Black Arts going is collaboration. Most projects we release are collaborations amongst artists and designers of all types.

All Access Blog: Does KMBA feel like they are doing their part to create positive change in the African community and in the community in general?

Kiss My Black Arts: By innovating art through Social Justice Branding. KMBA is creating positive change in the community with art. Collaborative art is one of our practices and that’s the foundation of creative discourse. KMBA is very inclusive, not a race or gender exclusive group, the group itself may serve as an example of a diverse community that honors multiple voices and is committed to working together. You could be far away or closely participating in the KMBA Collective. This participation creates positive change & creative power.

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