We’ve been to show tapings before and so far, no other taping beats the experience we had at The Real.

If you’ve been to show tapings before then you know the waiting part can be a drag and if you’ve never been to a show taping, then we just gave you a little tip. Another tip, arrive early, unless you have a priority ticket, it’s first come, first serve! Evan and Christopher the audience coordinators are awesome! They are the first people you meet before heading to the studio. You can really tell that they enjoy what they do–besides, who wouldn’t want to work at The Real?! Walking to the studio is a bit of a far walk so wear comfortable shoes (another tip!).

Anxious, anxious, anxious, that’s what we were but once we hit the studio our anxiety turned into excitement. Once seated, we met the best TV show warm up guy ever, Jay Flats. He was funny, danced with the crowd, had us stretch and was just all around awesome. He definitely transferred an abundance of energy and good vibes to the crowd.

Now you want to know about the hosts right?! Well, Tamera, Loni, Jeannie, Adrienne and their guest Bevy Smith were just as amazing and inviting as Christopher, Evan and Jay. First of all, they were happy to see their studio audience and not fake happy. During commercial breaks they talked to the audience or danced to whatever music Jay had us grooving to. The ladies of The Real are just fun! Taping two episodes per day has to be tiring but these ladies don’t show it!

The Real is interactive, made for the viewers and very accessible when it comes to actually being a part of the show; just email Evan or Christopher or DM them on Instagram. To attend a taping of The Real or to watch past tapings, head over to TheReal.com.

Evan: Evan.Macfadden@thereal.com

Christopher: Christopher.Burnley@thereal.com