Conceived only 1 year ago with over 1600 views of their daily shows, SoCal Radio is making major waves.

Advocating the merge between local and mainstream, SoCal has worked with DJ Carisma, Eearz, Ma$e, Battlecat, Audio Push and more. They are the Tidal, Beats Radio and Pandora for Orange County, California. Continuing to ride the wave of greatness, SoCal Radio brings us LOCALXMAIN (LXM) Magazine. Featuring everything music, fashion and culture via audio, video and photography. Creating a marketing space for the entrepreneurs of the future. No rules, objectives, or requirements; connecting the new creators of the world today, for a more creatively unified tomorrow.

The launch celebration of LXM will take place Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 9pm-12am. A free event with special performances by SXDIAMOND, FAT DOM, PRETTY PAPE$, MOSAICC AND DZYD. Hair and makeup by HAIR BY ALINE, TRUE STYLES BY TIARA, CANDEEMAKEUP, HAIR EXCELLENCE BY TIA, CCRRIISSPPYY MAKEUP BY TINA. LXM Vendors: MOST BRAND, KONSEPT, VSHNZ, LIZR, ADIXION CLOTHING CO.

LOCALXMAIN Magazine will be available January 1st, 2016 via SoCal Radio App. For more info about LXM and SoCal Radio, follow them on social media and download the SoCal Radio app on android and IOS.

See you at the launch!