“Who is your supplier? Do he got that fire? If it is not sticky when we roll it, he a liar.”

Yum Yum (prod. by J Proof)- Inkwell J, Linden Ave EP

Opulen Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, 30+ guests, drinks, gift bags, balloons and good music was Inkwell J’s EP release party Saturday December 5, 2015.

All Access Blog was in attendance, enjoying a celebration of good vibes and accomplishments. Inkwell J arrived on time in a white lace cocktail dress ready to take pictures with guests, friends and family and a speech from Inkwell’s father gave the evening a tone of achievement.

Given a candid performance by Inkwell J and viewing the presentation “The Making of Linden Ave”, this, our first EP release party has set the bar high for those to come.

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