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CONGRATS to all Grammy Nominees!

All Access Blog will be at the Inaugural Reggae Gathering Grammy Nominee Celebration, Sunday February 14, 2016 at Los Globos.

The pre-Grammy event was created to embody the quintessential representation and celebration of the industry and its nominees through an uplifting gathering of genre specific industry executives. Established and up and coming talent will also be in attendance: Morgan Heritage, Leon, Elan Atias, DJ Gramps Morgan, DJ Westafa, the Los Angeles Reggae All Stars, other acts to be announced; Trinidadian artist, Pasco the Great, will also be executing a live painting.

Each host on the inaugural lineup contributes to the evening’s success, by giving back to the Reggae community through their time, expertise and contributions. The brainchild of the Reggae Gathering Grammy Nominee Party is a collective of three founders, Sire Dhone Johnson, Lukes Morgan and Eddie Donaldson.

“In celebrating the Reggae Grammy Nominees, The Reggae Gathering is an extension of it’s overall mission to be a body that celebrate inclusion and the true message on One Love.” – Sire Dhone Johnson/ RHA – RSPK – Los Globos
“Totally righteous that the worldwide massive, whether in JA, or U.S., or international, should gather at The Grammy’s – Los Angeles to celebrate the world’s most impactful-sound, our rock-steady beat at the world’s greatest on-night musical event… listen up!” – John Rollins/ Mag Consulting Team
“Celebrating the history and continued growth of reggae and its steadfast accomplishments through this event, alongside the talent and movers and shakers in the genre, is simply a natural progression in the movement – it’s called unity in community!” – Tanya Moore/ Moore Media – Moore CEG

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