Hot Like, Sweat Like: The Shape House Experience


June 2, 2016 All Access Blog was granted the opportunity to check out Shape House (Pasadena location).

Shape House is an urban sweat lodge with 3 Southern California locations; born on September 21st (International Day of Peace). Founded by Sophie Chiche, Craig Winner, Gay and Katie Hendricks, luminaries in the world of self help, and authors of hundreds of books, joined them midway.

Even though located on a busy street, everything going on outside disappears as soon as you walk in the door. The environment is a complete 180; instant peace with good smelling incense burning, quiet with a sense of calmness. After checking in and signing a health waiver, we were given an explanation of the session we’d be trying out. We also watched a YouTube video of the actual experience.

IMG_3387 IMG_3388

We were treated to a 55 minutes FAR Infrared body wrap which uses sweat technology to provide a deep, penetrating heat that warms the body from the inside out. This results in a deep cleansing sweat. Sweating is a natural form of detoxification that helps the body release contaminants, resulting in weight loss, brighter skin, deeper sleep and increased energy. Sweating helps boost endorphins, alleviate migraines and soothe muscle soreness. Sweating also strengthens immunity and assists with mood improvement, stress relief and hormone balance.

We were lead upstairs to the beds that are separated by privacy curtains, each area equipped with a bed with an attached cup holder for your glass bottle of alkaline water which is provide, headphones and a TV stocked with Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other subscriptions to watch or listen to during your session. Being able to watch TV or listen to music helps with feeling relaxed and getting in the zone. There is also a call button that you can push at any time during your session and a sweat expert will be at your side to assist with whatever you need, even if it’s just to adjust the volume on the TV.

During the last 20 minutes (which are the hardest by the way), a cool towel infused with lavender water was placed on our forehead to help keep us cool as we approached the end of our session, the last 20 minutes is also when the body is at its warmest. At the end of our session we were lead into the relaxation room to cool down and enjoy hot tea and orange slices.

IMG_3393 (1)                          IMG_3391

Shape House provided us with amazing hospitality as we seen them do with their other clients that were there during our visit. SH is an affordable way to contribute to your health. Shape House definitely gets the #AABthePlug seal of approval.

The Shape House has been featured on Ellen, ABC America This Morning, Billboard, Kardashians and The Doctors. For more information on Shape House, different sessions provided, price and benefits, go to .