All stoners, mini stoners, hippies, college students, EVERYONE! Did you attend the Green House Effect 420 Smokeout and Concert?

Hosted by DJ Carisma, the event was definitely turnt up (you had to bring your own blunts though!). When All Access Blog ‘s cameras arrived the line was already around the corner. Supporters of all kind waited patiently in line to go inside and enjoy an intimate club, ultimate hot box and bomb music. “Under-ground” or “non-mainstream” music is overlooked but more and more people are starting to gravitate towards artists that aren’t mainstream due to their music not sounding like everything else that is on the radio.

This event was all about having a good time while giving some up and coming artists an opportunity to showcase their musical talent. Artists that performed, in order of appearance in the video:

B Allen

Young Werk

Yo World



Tdot Illude

Craig Gillepsie

Audio Push

After seeing this video you are going to WISH you went. All Smoke in the video EXCEPT in the intro and credits is REAL. No Filter(s) were placed over the video during the editing process. We wanted you to hear every sound and all the chaos. Sit back, light up some Mary Jane and enjoy this concert re-cap video! 


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