Fundraiser Flyer


Sunday, February 21, 2016 was all about good vibes only. We had our first fundraiser to start the process on creating ‘Good Vibes Only’—a music based festival for independent artists also an event to raise money for Lupus LA. Sunday also marked the day for All Access Blog’s first event and our 1 year anniversary since bringing the blog out of hiatus February 21, 2015.

Skateboard shop, Crown Roots, opened their doors to us as the beautiful ladies of Dizon Dreams hosted; making sure everyone had a good time. The fundraiser’s performers Julian Keyz, Jon Savage, FYI, Knottyboy, Stevie Rockit and Kity Maureen proved it was all about good vibes as they all left everything they had out on stage.

Julian Keyz kicked off the evening’s entertainment with a live band and an energy filled performance while Jon Savage started his performance off with a freestyle that showcased his lyricism, quickly gaining the undivided attention of the audience. F.Y.I. spoke nothing but the truth and demanded audience participation such as when performing “Hueman”, his second single from his EP ‘Age/Sex/Location’.

Heading into the second half of performances, Knottyboy shocked the crowd with fast-talking, long winded raps and hard-hitting beats that made everyone really feel the music. Slowing it down, Stevie Rockit helped us wind down as he serenaded us with his strong R&B vocals and the queen of the night, the only female performer, Kity Maureen wrapped up performances by caressing our ears with her sexy and sultry sound.

The event’s art was donated by artists Tray Lee, Tyrone Jennings and Taylor Reinhold.

With many un-expectancies, thank you to everyone that came out to support Good Vibes Only and All Access Blog. Stay tuned for our next fundraiser to be announced.


Crown Roots (Venue)

Dizon Dreams (Hosts)

Lupus LA (Sponsor)

Shop Bats Breath (Sponsor)

Kiss My Black Arts (Sponsor)

Vshnz Clothing (Sponsor)

Tyrone Jennings (Artist)

Tay (Artist)

Taylor Reinhold (Artist)

Julian Keyz (Musician)

Jon Savage (Musician)

F.Y.I. (Musician)

Knottyboy (Musician)

Stevie Rockit (Musician)

Kity Maureen (Musician)


All who participated in this fundraiser, future fundraisers and the Good Vibes Only Festival will be listed as sub-donors once All Access Blog donates to Lupus LA.