Last weekend (July 11 & 12) All Access Blog had the opportunity of covering Chalice California 2015 and it was definitely an event to remember for many reasons. On our blog, honesty is our policy. We are grateful for all of our opportunities to cover events, regardless of the type of event. Any cons/negatives mentioned are strictly constructive criticism based on our experiences of attending other events.

Since there aren’t that many cons, we’ll start with those;

From a media standpoint, things needed to be more organized. There isn’t a worse “WTF” feeling than being excited to cover an event, you arrive and things are chaotic.

  • We were let into the wrong parking lot.
  • No one knew where media was supposed to pick up passes (We assumed the box office).
  • We had to wait almost an hour and a half for our media wristbands (We didn’t have to show any verification that we were media).
  • There weren’t any instructions for media as far as what we could and couldn’t film, where media could stand in order to get good footage during performances.
  • We noticed that other media personnel had multiple media wristbands (We only received one)
  • During performances we noticed that some media personnel were in front of the barricades to take pictures and video.
  • The performance set times and stage locations were confusing as hell!
  • Day 2, we went straight to the box office to ask about the other wristbands we seen the day before – the guy at the box office asked “How do I know that the wristband you have now, someone didn’t take it off and give it to you?” Now, we don’t want to have to have to pull our race card or our female card for that matter but it sounded like he was implying that we weren’t really media and that we were trying to get into the event without paying. We showed him our email from Douglas James, whom granted us our media passes and the box office guy’s demeanor completely changed as if he felt bad about how he approached the situation in the beginning. After receiving another media wristband, we asked again if there were any special instructions for media personnel and we were told “I don’t think so, you should be fine.”


Chalice California isn’t the first unorganized event that we’ve covered but it was by far the most unorganized. Immediately when we arrived we noticed that this event was ultimately about the attendees and making sure they were well taken care of, however, media outlets are one of the ways that the word is spread about different events. Media want to be and should be treated a bit differently than the rest of the crowd. Essentially, the media captures the memories of the event.

Now enough with the negative stuff! We can say that we had a lot of fun at Chalice California. The vendors put in a lot of work to show off their products. At least over $500 in promotional merchandise (that’s not an exact figure but we know how expensive promotional products are). Free, free, free, left and right; free dabs, edibles, shirts, temporary tattoos, food, everything. Chalice California really made sure no one left empty handed and stayed high above the clouds the whole time they were in attendance. The food vendor prices were amazing! We’ve been to many festivals this year, for blog coverage and for leisure and we must say the food at CC was the cheapest but still such good quality. After making food purchases we didn’t feel like we could’ve waited until we left to eat. And who doesn’t like the feeling of not feeling bad for spending money.

The prices of the products at the different booths weren’t pricey either. And the things that were expensive were worth the high price. We also noticed that more and more women are getting involved in the medical marijuana industry. There were beautiful ladies everywhere! And they knew what they were doing and what they were talking about. Many vendors were happy to allow us to take pictures, take group pictures for us, give us their promotional products and sometimes even a little extra. Everyone was just so happy and energized all throughout the day. It could have been because of all the medicinal in the air but we are going to credit the energy and happiness to just being excited to show off their products. Lol. If we mentioned all of the vendors we met, this article would be pages long but the ones that really made us feel welcomed were the ladies of Natures Lab Extracts, the ladies of Golden State Collective and the Koala vendor booth. The fore-mentioned really educated us when we hit their booths to check them out.

The performance line up was great based on the line up flyer. We did not get a chance to experience all of the performances for reasons out of our control. We were extremely shocked at how on point the DJs were as well. They really brought their A game; and we don’t mean just on stage with their Mac book and turn table, they had visuals too!

Even with all the media related chaos, we would definitely attend/cover Chalice California again. With that being said, we do hope for more organization next year, when it comes to handling media personnel.


Chalice Flyer

Access Blog, has been granted access to cover Chalice California this Saturday and Sunday (July 11 &12) at the National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center in San Bernardino, CA.

Are you guys ready to light your blunts again with All Access Lifestyle? Music + Glass + Hash + Art = Chalice California.

Chalice was born out of the dream to combine the best elements of festivals and cannabis events into one epic experience. We’re motivated by the high level of glass art being created in America right now. We wish to promote respect for the hash oil extractors that put in time to create safer methods, spread knowledge and fine tune every detail to produce the best hashish. Also we are proud to be working with the top brands in the industry, bringing quality vendors and developing an experience to make this a genuine music, glass, hash & art festival. -Chalice California

The experience starts at 12pm Saturday July 11th. Music stops at 1 am both days!

This is a Medical Marijuana Event. Therefore, Medical Marijuana may be legally used by qualifying patients according to Prop 215, provided that they have a valid recommendation from a licensed physician and valid ID. 

Rules & Reg:


You must be AT LEAST 18 years of age in order to attend the festival.

Pre Party Pass $20

Pre-party is July 10th from 6pm-11pm.

The pre-party features a special Chalice Secret Sesh with Adam III &Tim from Cannabis Community.

 Saturday Pass $70

General 1 day admission for Saturday.

Sunday Pass $70

General 1 day admission for Sunday.

2 Day Pass $120

General 2 day admission for Saturday & Sunday.

VIP Pass $250

Access to VIP areas, amenities and 2 day pass.

Backstage Pass $350

Access to backstage area, VIP areas, amenities and 2 day pass.

Cabana Rental $3,000

Cabana by the main stage for 2 days and 8 cabana passes for your private party. Cabana passes only grant access into the designated cabana areas. Cabana passes DO NOT grant entry into the festival. Festival entry passes must be purchased separately.  The cabana includes seating, shade, electricity and bar service.




Sunscreen, Blankets, Shoes, Cash, Cameras, Sunglasses, ID.

NOT Allowed:

Animals, Weapons of ANY kind, Fireworks, Speakers, Illegal Substances, Tiki Torches.

*Service animals must be confirmed prior to the event.


To enter the Prop 215 area, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid ID. If you are a patient, all tickets permit you access to the medical marijuana areas, with wristband that you get from the box office. Smoking permitted in these areas are for medical patients only.


The Green Doctors will be at Chalice to give recommendations to qualifying individuals. You must be at least 18 years old and have valid ID. It is recommended that you get a recommendation from a qualifying MMJ licensed physician prior to Chalice California to speed up you entry wait time.


There will be over 20 food and drink vendors cooking up the grub. Food vendors are cash only. Beer and liquor will also be sold.


There will be a wide variety of vendors selling merchandise available for purchase such as; glass, arts & crafts, apparel and accessories, throughout the duration of the festival.


There will be 24/7 medical and trained EMT staff on site located at the medical tent. In case of emergency, please contact the nearest staff member for help. Medical staff will be fully equipped to handle all medical situations. Festival attendees that bring medication to the event should let security know upon entry search. Medications may be required to be stored in the medical tent.


Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Parking will be coordinated by the event center staff to ensure maximum safe ease of access to and from the event facility.

RV Parking/Camping:

The RV Camping area will be the only area accessible to campers after the wrap of each festival day. Monday July 13th, all campers must exit the camp area by noon. Visit RV Camping page for more info.


A get-lifted line up of musical performances…

Chalice California Performance Line Up

*Artist performance times are subject to change.

There will also be a MMJ Product Competition & Awards.

The All Access Lifestyle team will be walking around throughout the festival Saturday and Sunday. We will have on All Access Lifestyle badges; come take a picture with us and we’ll post it on IG and tag you.

It’s about that time to spark your blunts again. See you at Chalice California!


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