Did you attend Blazer’s Cup 2015?

Blazer’s Cup 2015, the last MMJ festival in Southern California, took place this past weekend (Dec 12 & 13) at the National Orange Show Events Center.

The Blazer’s Cup competition featured submissions of the finest flowers, edibles, concentrates and vapes from California’s premier MMJ growers, breeders, edible chefs and extract artists. With over 200 entries, this year’s Blazer’s Cup competition really put the judges to work. Celebrity judges Dr, Dina, Demrick, Adam Ill, B-Real, Problem, King Lil G and Lil Debbie blind-tested and sampled all submissions.

There were plenty of vendors but it was apparent that Blazer’s Cup was all about the performances. Saturday’s lineup included Skeme, King Lil G, Problem, RJ, and The Game with DJs Salam Wreck, L2  and crooks. Sunday’s lineup was just as star-studded as the day before with performances by Smoke Deville, Lil Debbie, Dr. Greenthumb, Demrick, Ty$ and Kid Ink, with DJs Salam Wreck and L2. Out of all of the performances, The Game and Ty$ were the most interactive with the crowd. The Game allowed a few fans to come up on stage and take a shot of Belvedere; one lucky female fan even got the chance to perform “Hate It or Love It” with him.

On Sunday Ty$ brought out rapper Joe Moses and they crowd surfed which resulted in Moses losing his phone in the crowd. After their performance ended, a reward was offered for the return of the phone (we didn’t stay to see if it was returned. There were dabs outside calling our name! ;))

Of course we can’t expect event to be the same as far as giveaways but the give away guru was in full giveaway mode in between performances, giving away t-shirts, concentrates, edibles, joints and whatever else he could find. There was no way anyone went home empty handed. All Access Blog didn’t even go home empty handed– we caught a few joints and concentrates; but our new friends over at Something Chocolate hooked us up with their Dark Side of the Moon assortment box featuring dark chocolate edibles in 4 flavors:

Comfortably Numb (dark chocolate with peanut butter center)

Rehab (dark chocolate with gingerbread center)

The Stroke (dark chocolate with expresso center)

Supermassive Black Hole (dark chocolate with mousse center).

With every event we attend we like to mention the hospitality we receive as media personnel. As far as smoothness (being able have to ask only 1 person where media check-in is), has happened twice but those events were organized by the same person. Anyways, we asked over 5 people and each person knew just as little info as the person before, not to mention the Russian women that were running the ticket booth whom gave more attitude than help, but we’re in America…

Once we finally found someone who knew what they were talking about, we were taken care of extremely well. We are always grateful when our media credentials are approved. Thank you to Blazer’s Cup for having us this year!

If you missed it or just want to re-live it, check out our Day 1 and Day 2 recaps and our Blazer’s Cup 2015 gallery below.

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