In Los Angeles, Saturday afternoon, a group of us gathered for Beats and Brunch LA; a celebration of the West Coast sound. Presented by Dizon Dreams and curated by the CEO of Musicology, Brittney Boston, with an all-star panel which included Curtiss King, Free the Robots, Besidone and Ervin “EP” Pope; and to get us vibin’ and in the mood, Javie Lopez of Bereal TV, was on the one’s and two’s.

Before the event kicked into full gear, we had the chance to vibe with Free the Robots. Chris Alfaro aka Free the Robots creates a genre of his own. Mixing Jazz, Psych, Electronic and Hip Hop with climaxing melodies and daring drums, to form a rich sound. “Music is like art, you can’t teach anyone to be an artist.” Free the Robots wasn’t short with us, he took us on a mini journey starting with how he got started, his views on music as a whole, about his travels and how he became internationally known.

“I’ve traveled to Jerusalem, it’s like LA 15 or 20 years ago.” -Free the Robots

Before the panel started, our ears were graced with sounds from Miracle, a violinist, as she played a few hip hop classics. After Miracle’s performance concluded, the panelists took their seats in front of us…

“I’ve been hearing that for the last 10 to 12 years, that there’s no money to be made, and I’m taking care of a family off of it.” -Curtiss King

One by one the panelists talked about how they got started in Hip Hop. At a young age, Curtiss King learned the importance of music. King’s music credits are impressive to say the least, including artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-soul, Murs and Hit-boy.

Besidone, the Marketing Director of Revolt TV, talked about her Hip Hop journey and how she got to where she is today; exemplifying how being a part of the preservation of Hip Hop and the West Coast sound is hard work. She recognized early on that in order for success, the business aspect must be understood. Besidone has created a career out of the WC sound and globally influences West Coast music.

Brittney Boston recounted a few words from Dr. Dre before Ervin “EP” Pope talked about working with Dr. Dre on ‘Detox’ and meeting Diddy at the Beverly Center. One thing that stuck out to us the most was when Pope said that you may only get one chance to meet someone, make sure you’re ready, credible and have something to offer.

We can’t forget the beautiful ladies of Kulture LA who were also in attendance debuting a preview of their Fall 2015 collection, Hashtag Points kept us hydrated with water and George Jonathan snappin’ dope pics of the artists.

Anyone and everyone can be a part of the preservation of the West Coast sound. Whether you create it or listen to it, it’s the love and the passion for the sound itself that makes you a part of it. Dizon Dreams with the help of Brittney Boston, have started something amazing with good vibes and people who truly have a thing for the West Coast sound.

Stay tuned for the next one!


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