‘Zoo’ the TV Series

All Access Blog loves TV; we like TV shows that make us think “what if”. For example, Bates Motel or The Walking Dead. Now, don’t get us wrong, every now and then we indulge in the “reality TV” stuff but we really like when our thought process is challenged. And we think it will be with CBS’ new series Zoo, based on international author James Patterson’s novel, also titled Zoo.

Just by watching the trailer, we started thinking, “what if this does really happen?”. The plot: Animal attacks start to happen all over the world. Jackson Oz, a character in the show, is an American zoologist who offers safaris in Africa. He begins to notice the strange behavior of the animals, which he then takes it upon himself to figure out, hopefully before the attacks become more coordinated and more vicious, why the animals have been acting so strange. Now, after reading the plot hasn’t your mind started wondering? What if animals are planning some secret revenge on us humans? How many of us would live to tell the tale? Survival of the fittest perhaps.

The series began filming in New Orleans in January and will air on CBS June 30th. How’s that for summer TV! Watch the trailer and let us know in the comments if you’ll be tuning in. Let us know what other shows this summer you’re excited about.


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