Will Norman Kill Norma?

bates motel

This season(Season 3) of Bates Motel has really been about Norman trying to understand what Norma means when she says he’s different and about his blackouts. Quite frankly, episode after episode it seems that Norman starts to think that there’s more so something “different” about his mother rather than about him. This week’s episode(May 4, 2015), we see Norma trying to clean up the mess she made after telling the James Finnigan, the therapist about Norman’s “problem”. Norman grabbing the knife when he finds Norma throwing out all of his taxidermy animals makes us think the end may be near for Norma…the James tried to tell her…

So what do you guys think? Will Norman kill Norma or will there be a season 4? Take our poll and let us know what you think!


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