[Artwork by Raudiel Sanudo]

Why It Is Important to Be A Critic

Being critical indicates a healthy fore-brain, and the promise of evolution of its faculties. Unfortunately we have continued to dumb down as a society, trained into using less and less of this area of the brain. As we engage in more passive entertainments (television, movies, non-intellectual viral and YouTube videos), we have become increasingly less dependent on our forebrain, creating an atrophy, thusly relying more so on the lower emotional (limbic) brain. Humankind has, especially since the invasion of moving pictures in the 1950s, become a more emotionally dominated species (lower brain dependent). We have evolved into creatures who no longer desire to read, due to passive entertainments, as they don’t require much of our critical faculties the way a book will.

Imagine in the development of man, after thousands of years of successful brain evolution, that suddenly for hours of the day, people stared into a bright box of flickering light patterns that inhibited and stunted the development and use of the fore-brain. Make no mistake, this is all by design. What separates man from ape is our critical brain, the Neo-cortex. We evolved this part to grow over the lower limbic (emotional) brain, as did triune (just above the spinal cord) brain.

Hypnotism works by lowering brainwave activity, lowering its frequency, so the subject operates from lower parts of the brain, in lower realms of consciousness. If we are operating from a higher frequency, we are much less likely to be influenced. Alpha Brainwave State is the state of awareness that a hypnotist will induce; a textbook understanding. This is also the state of a person who is indulging in passive entertainment like television or a movie. Imagine a moth flying into a light bulb over and over.  The electronic hallucinations that we experience via screens are extremely powerful. It only takes one Taco Bell commercial to change your biology. You may have eaten just 30 minutes ago, but that 15 second commercial comes on and it is masterfully created to make your stomach growl. How is this? You just ate a little while ago. How is it that some flickering light patterns caused a biological reaction beyond your control? It’s quite magical if you think about it.

Is it any wonder why since the 1950s we have gone downhill in all areas of society? The 1950s are referred to as the “Happy Days”. But the 1960s were something else entirely.

In the 1960s…

-The violent crime and murder rate doubled from the 1950s!

– Many beautiful people were assassinated before our eyes.

– Psychotropic drugs became popular.

– Education became its decline, along with 90% reduction in the arts.

– Cancers exploded.

– Psychological disorders exploded, thusly creating a market for prescription drugs like never before.

– Free love and the destruction of lasting relationships reared it head.

– The satanic church and bad New Age ideologies/religions.

…and the list goes on.

Now, how did we go from “Happy Days” to the above in just a decade?


The way people think obviously changed. We went a little nuts. We used less of our critical brains because we exercised them less. We became more emotionally dependent. We operated a little more from the lower part of our consciousness, and doesn’t make for better decision making does it?

FACT: A person who reads, does puzzles, plays, etc, for an hour a day has a healthier, more functional fore-brain than one who engages in passive media for that same hour a day. Your brain chemistry changes over time. Your DNA changes over time as well. Your DNA is basically a copy of your current being. Your DNA 10 years ago is not the same as today. When a man gives his seed to an egg, it is a copy of his current physical state, including his brain chemistry.

An overweight man is likely to have a kid born with health issues compared to a man in perfect physical condition, and the same goes for brain chemistry. Kids today are birthed from more unhealthy people than ever before, and we wonder why they have issues learning? Then we have the nerve to put them in front of LCD screens in their formative years and expect them to excel. We need more critical minds. We need more critics. We have become so dumbed-down as a society that we say things like “fuck critics”. Really? Your car is the result of a critic. Your phone, your house, your favorite movies are all the result of someone who was critically minded. Passive entertainment is full of propaganda, and unless you are critical of what you ingest, you will become the desired result of the propagandist.

We see our society get more and more morally depraved and we wonder why? Its because of subliminal programming! It is because over time. People operate less and less from high frequencies. We are being guided to base frequencies. We are becoming a based society. We are devolving mentally and the science proves it. Don’t think that just because society is introduced to new amazing technologies and breakthroughs that the average human is evolving as well. It is only a handful of people who evolve successfully, while the rest of us become more easily controlled. Sorry, but the average human is really a sheep. They are easily herded, and it is because they are far more emotional than logical. Emotion is more important, as it has its own valuable and irreplaceable innate sense, but we have fore-brains for a reason, and we should not let them atrophy by over indulging in passive entertainments that train the brain emotionally, implanting subconscious triggers and directions that don’t serve our collective well being.

Love your critical brain. Learn to criticize. Just don’t criticize individuals because not everyone works the same. But we can criticize mass movements and trends. We can see the stupid things in the big picture and see the general tendencies. We can take a lot from statistics. We can laminate these things for others to see and allow them to see where they fit into it, o their own, without pointing the finger at them personally. That is the useful and proper way to be a critic. Many people will still take it personally. They will place themselves into your critique, despise their refection and then lash out at you, but it’s not your fault. They are just in conflict with themselves. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance. It is the pains of truth, but in the end just know you did them a favor. No pain, no gain right?

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