Turmeric Face Mask


Summer is quickly approaching, don’t you want clear skin for all of the pictures you’ll be taking at the beach or by the pool? …Of course you do!

Now, the ladies of All Access Blog are all about keepin’ it real and keepin’ it natural. Every now and then when we need a new beauty regimen we’ll hop on Pinterest and search for whatever it is we are looking for. During past searches, we’ve always seen turmeric face mask pop up but we’ve never thought twice about it. Well… a few weeks ago we ran the same search “natural face mask” and among others, the turmeric face mask popped up again so we said “what the hell, let’s try it”. For centuries, in India, a turmeric face mask was applied to a bride’s face before the wedding to make her skin radiant.

Talk about AMAZING! My (Amanda Jones) face felt so revived and clean. I couldn’t believe that for so long I would bypass this mask when I saw it on Pinterest. Check out the steps below and try it for yourself!


Clean your face (and) neck thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to remove all cosmetics, makeup, lotions, if necessary, use gentle soap. Pat dry.


Mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder into a small amount of coconut oil (I used Sprouts brand organic coconut oil) . Stir this until you form a smooth paste.


Apply the turmeric paste onto your face and neck. Make sure to keep the mixture away from your eyes.


Let mask sit for 20 minutes. Use this time to release stressful thoughts from your mind. (Whenever I do a face mask that needs to be on my face for 20 min or more, I always take a detox bath along with it that way I know for sure I will relax; I don’t want to risk anything getting wet!)


Wash off the face mask with warm water. Once your face is clean, splash it with cold water to close your pores.


Apply a moisturizer to your face. The moisturizer will help your skin to continue to absorb the turmeric.

-If used weekly, the mask should produce positive results-


Cure acne

Lighten/brighten the skin

Fight age spots


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