This for That: Summer Makeup Swaps


Are you counting down the days to the first day of summer? If not, it’s 17 days away.

We like the summer time because a lot of fun stuff goes on during the summer but we don’t take kindly to the heat. Now, being a girl is already a lot of work but did you know that you should swap your makeup and makeup routines for summer? WHAT?! Yea, we know, but the summer time is when you should let your face breathe, in other words, less cake face! Check out some makeup swaps we found to help you get through the summer and avoid your makeup melting like the wicked witch of the west.

FOUNDATION                                                  TINTED MOISTURIZER

foundation                 FOR                      tinted moisturizer

POWDER BLUSH                                           CREAM BLUSH

powder blush      FOR                     cream blush

EYELINER                                                                             LONG LASH MASCARA

eyeliner              FOR                      long lash mascara

LIPSTICK                                                                                        LIPGLOSS

lipstick                    FOR                               lip gloss

                                                    JUST FOR FUN!

DARK NAIL POLISH                                                         BRIGHT NAIL POLISH

dark polish               FOR                              bright polish



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