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As we all know, summer is around the corner! We’ve all been in the gym doing an endless number of squats to get that perfect booty and crunch after crunch to get those abs. And not to mention eating a salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can fit into that bathing suit that you bought in January. Okay…maybe you haven’t done any of this but you have been preparing for summer in some way.

During summer or any other season for that matter, you have things you must have for that season. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, lipstick, whatever!

3 gorgeous ladies and I have gathered our summer must-haves that help us get through the summer! Check them out below.


Makeup artist out of Los Angeles and Season 6 ‘Wild’n Out’ girl Brittany gives her summer must-haves.

“Anyone that knows me will tell you I have a {1} bottle of water in my hand or in my purse whenever you see me…I do not go anywhere without it! My second item would be my {2} studio fix spray by Mac. It’s so refreshing and perfect for hydrating your face after a day on the beach or at the pool. {3} Sunglasses…not only are they cute but they are a must have so I don’t hurt my eyes or squint my eyes and get wrinkles haha! For my lips I carry around {4} Smiths Rosebud Salve… It’s so smooth and very light…no one wants to have crusty lips. I just picked up this perfume from Mac called {5} Turquatic and I’m completely obsessed!! It’s not too strong and can be worn in the day or night”.


Creator of blog ‘The Artistry Corner’ and UCLA grad student Khadija gives her must-haves in order to get through the summer.

“There are three specific things I wear out during the summer & those are: Sandals, Maxi Dresses & Statement Necklaces. I mix and match & wear these items with everything. {1} Maxi Dresses: Now maxi dresses are my absolute favorite. I love them mainly because they’re very light & beautiful and don’t require a lot of effort, especially when I’m too lazy to put on pants or it’s just too hot for them. {2} Sandals: Sandals are also super cute & convenient and just make my feet look awesome lol. {3} Necklaces: Last but certainly not least, statement necklaces! Within the last couple of years, I have started to have this major obsession with statement pieces. Because my style & a majority of my clothing & jewelry are usually simple, I always thought that a statement necklace is a dope way to spice things up & draw attention to my outfit. Henceforth, my collection has become one of my favorite staples for both Spring & Summer, and can even be worn year around”.


Student and aspiring music artist Bre, tells us what she needs to survive the summer.

“I like doing things during the summer but I don’t like being hot or sweaty. One must-have would be a {1} nice sun hat to block the sun and I think they’re cute. You never know when you’re going to take a drive to the beach or hit up a friend’s pool so it’s good to have a {2} cute bathing suit and you want to stand out. Variety of {3} fitting caps & snap backs to match outfits. {4} Colorful nail polish (nice mani & pedi) to keep hands and feet looking pretty and well groomed. {5} Comfortable sandals, they’re good for handling sand on beaches and if you’re out for long periods of time, you don’t want your feet to get sweaty and stink by wearing socks and sneakers.


Me! ‘All Access Blog’ creator and aspiring broadcast journalist, I give you my must-haves for getting through the summer.

“I HATE summer! Well, I hate the heat that comes with summer. With that being said, I don’t like being in the house during summer. I like to get out there and do things to take my mind off the heat. {1}Green Tea & lemon Water. This is a must for me. Green tea helps with clearing the skin and removing toxins from your body. Lemon aids in digestion; it doesn’t hurt that it tastes good as well. I stay hydrated and cool. {2} I have searched high and low for this nail polish and I finally found it. So ‘endless blue’ by Sinful is my summer must-have nail polish. In person, it looks like electric blue or neon blue. It’s super bright and stands out. {3} Wipes, wipes, wipes is another must-have for me. I don’t really wear makeup except on special occasions or when I REALLY feel like putting it on. When out and about on a hot day, I like to carry wipes around with me so that I can keep my face clean and avoid my pores getting clogged and my face breaking out. {4} Vaseline…need I say more?! Okay, maybe I do need to so that you know what I actually use it for. I use Vaseline for two things during the summer..first and foremost, my lips. I like to keep my lips hydrated and for me, Vaseline stays on the longest which means fewer re-applications. I also use Vaseline for my I said before, I don’t wear makeup too much so I just put Vaseline on my eyelashes. It gives me a nice natural look and helps my lashes grow. Umm…does anyone remember {5} Jellies? They are my last but not least summer must-have. I saw a pair at the mall about a week ago and yesterday (my birthday); I was finally able to get me a pair! Now, these may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear for a long period of time BUT they’re cute and can go with any outfit if you get the clear ones”.

Thank you to the ladies who took the time to gather their summer must-haves and be a part of this blog post.

What do you need in order to survive the summer and look cute while doing it? Go to my contact page and send me an email and I’ll make a readers’ summer must-haves post and you may be featured in it!

Stay cool!



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