Saffron Post

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There is a Persian saying that says “The more saffron you eat, the more you will laugh”!! Why is that? It’s because saffron naturally elevates your serotonin levels AKA the happy hormone. Prozac does the same, but it comes with consequences I don’t want to get into!
Now, a lot of middle eastern cultures include this pricey spice in their cuisine…I’m talking about in the rice, in pastries and even liquids. Also, this is one of the best spices for skin care. P.s. There is my personal recipe of skincare using saffron in my e-book. Unfortunately, this plant is THE MOST EXPENSIVE SPICE on earth and it might be a bit harder to get a hold of depending on where you live.
It’s because this plant grows in a few remote places and it takes about 200 flowers to achieve just one gram of saffron But I definitely recommend it over any drugs called “medicine”… Fortunately, there are a bunch of other plants that naturally raise the serotonin levels.
Written by Andishe