Racism: Does It Still Exist?

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racism post

Okay guys, as I have mentioned before, I am a recent graduate (June 2013) and have been looking for a job that has to do with my degree (broadcast Journalism) ever since. But for the past few months, I have been looking for a job anywhere and everywhere, whether it has to do with my degree or not. well, about 2 weeks ago I had an interview to work at a boba cafe…a week after that I had a second interview at the same place but this time with the owner…i know you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with racism…I promise I’ll make the connection just keep reading…

Now, I’ve been on a countless amount of interviews so by now I can pretty much predict the questions that the interviewer is going to ask..for the most part, the questions the owner was asking me was pretty normal; “are you currently working anywhere else?” “How many hours are you expecting?” etc. well, after the interview was done and he told me that if he wanted to hire me, I would get a call before the weekend was over (had this interview on a Friday). I said okay. but then, he makes a comment “there’s only 6 of us that work here so we’re a pretty close knit group, I just don’t want anyone coming here making waves…”

Now I would like to believe that there’s no such thing as racism anymore or that most people don’t believe in stereotypes and that they’d rather get to know someone for themselves before they pass judgment but I can’t help but think that that comment was racist and discriminatory. Maybe I am reading too much into it. However, why would he make a comment like that after the interview was done? Rather than maybe asking a question during the interview such as- “if there were conflict between you and another worker, how would you handle it?” this is a pretty legit question don’t you think?  the cafe is a private owned business which means that the rules are different when it comes to the equal opportunity employer laws/rules, which means that he doesn’t have to necessarily have 10% African-Americans working at his place of business…

Don’t want to draw this out but let me know what you guys think…was the owner being racist or am I reading into the comment too much?



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