How To Wear Heels Comfortably…Yes, Comfortably

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So I know summer time doesn’t call for heels too much but you never know what the summer days will call for. As a lady, you may think heels and comfortability are worlds apart. Good news…they’re not!

I myself LOVE heels! There’s just so much more variety when it comes to heels rather than flats or sandals, as far as style goes. BUT, I have a confession…they kill my feet! I try to only wear heels when it’s necessary for the outfit or if I’ll be sitting down majority of the time.

I’ve decided to do us all a favor; I’ve found and put together a list of tips on how we can be comfortable while wearing heels. Check them out below!

1. Break Them In At Home First.

DO NOT put on those brand new Steve Maddens and hit the club. No honey! Walk around in those heels at home first! You want to get used to walking in them before you step out in them.

2. Know Your Limits.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing a heel that’s TOO high for you. You just wobble all over the place and that’s not a good look! Regardless of how well put together the outfit is.

3. Make Sure You’re Wearing the Right Shoe Size.

Your foot size changes over the years, even as much as one full size. You should definitely have your feet sized once a year. Have your feet measured for width and length as well, when buying shoes.

4. Know Your Foot Type.

Are you flat-footed or do you have an arch? Don’t worry; I don’t know my foot type either. A DIY way to find out is to wet your foot and step onto a piece of construction paper (the concrete works too). When you make an impression, it will tell you how flattening your foot is or how high of an arch you have.

5. The Thicker The Heel, The Better.

Avoid thin heels, like stilettos. I know, I know, but they cause your foot to wobble around. Sometimes the outfit calls for stilettos, trust me, I know. Just try to make sure wearing stilettos is occasional.

6. Avoid Thin Soles.

Heels that look like the bottom is barely there, yea, those. Thin sole heels will almost always give you pain at the bottom of your foot. Opt for a thicker sole or a little bit of a platform which will affect pressure when walking.

7. Over-The-Counter Shoe Inserts.

Just because you buy over-the-counter shoe inserts doesn’t mean you can’t handle walking in heels. Who wants to be uncomfortable anyways?! Buy over-the-counter products that are marketed towards high heels. Metatarsal or ball of foot pads; they are oval-shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. It will hold your foot steadier.

I know this is a lot to remember when you’re out shopping for your next pair of Jessica Simpson’s, however; you may not need all of these tips. Maybe you only need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size or figuring out your foot type. Just take a deep breath and take one tip at a time! You’re welcome in advance 🙂



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