How Many Wears?

how many wears

Ever wondered how many times you can wear something before you have to toss it in the laundry basket? Or maybe you smelled the under arms of a shirt after you took it off, possibly even the crotch of some jeans to determine if you could wear it again or if it needed to go in the dirty clothes hamper. And if you’re a NORMAL (what is normal?) person, you don’t have time to wash every day. Who would want to anyways?

Personally, I wear my bras 3 times and jeans at least twice before throwing them in the laundry basket. The other day I stumbled upon a “how long you should wear it” list and thought, wow, there’s an actual list that says how long you should wear an article of clothing before its time to wash it. Of course everyone has their preference and there aren’t any drastic consequences if you add one more day to how long you wear something, however, some things are just common sense!

Majority of the time frames that were on the list, are the same time frames that I go by when I decide if something is dirty or still wearable. Check out the list below:

  • BRAS: 3 – 4 wears
  • UNDERWEAR: after every wear, duh! (the common sense one)
  • SOCKS & STOCKINGS: 1 – 2 wears
  • JEANS: 5 – 6 wears (wow, that’s a lot!) (really?!)
  • TOPS: 1 – 2 wears
  • DRESSES: 1 – 2 wears
  • LEGGINGS: 1 – 2 wears (for me, if they are nylon type leggings, only 1 wear, they’re not formfitting anymore after)
  • PANTS, SKIRTS, SHORTS: 3 – 4 wears
  • JACKETS & BLAZERS: 5 – 6 wears (I definitely agree with this one!)
  • PJs: 3 – 4 wears

All of these are subject to situation and personal preference. Stay clean!

March 8, 2014


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